Little Lambs Become Adult Sheep

Jimmy Kimmel a few nights ago featured in his “Lie Witness News” skit a reporter asking the hipsters attending the SXSW Festival whether they liked fictitious bands.

The festival goers not only praised the bands but provided authoritative opinions as to why the bands were good and likely to go places.

Better to be a hip fool that fits in than a self-thinking square it seems for this crowd.

There is a fair chance the interviewees were in on the joke — we really, really hope so — but just the same doesn’t the Millennial generation have any self-respect? Why be a sheep? Why tell the world you are one?

Parents, when you accept schools designed for little lambs don’t be surprised at what they are when they leave them.

Below is the skit. Hat tip Bryan Preston at

SXSW stands for South by Southwest and is held in Austin, Tx.


Visit for Little Lambs Become Adult Sheep
Visit for Little Lambs Become Adult Sheep


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