Mary Bauer Comcast Insults Now

Mary Bauer Comcast Insults Now -- Comcast Building Lobby in Philadelphia
The childish lobby of childish Democrat-supporting Comcast in Philadelphia

Mary Bauer of the Chicago suburb of Addison, Ill., is the latest person reported to be subjected to the bizarre corporate culture of Democrat-supporting Philadelphia communications giant Comcast.

Ms. Bauer, 63, began having troubles when she “upgraded” to Comcast’s X1 box in January 2014 resulting in 39 calls last winter and spring for service and countless hours on the phone with customer support.

In April, she had that box replaced with her old one but a promised credit never materialized.

She basically wrote it off until her monthly bill jumped in October from $180 to $220 and then the bills stopped completely. She had to call Comcast monthly to find out what she owed.

This week she got her first bill in months. To whom was it addressed? “Super Bitch Bauer”.

She never opened it but she did go to the press.

Our first suggestion is to dump Comcast. We did almost five years ago and have been content as clams with Verizon.

Our second suggestion is to law enforcement. What these childish morons in Comcast’s corporate offices do with regard to addressing mail with obscenities has to be in violation of some part of the postal code or against some criminal statue regarding harassment by communication.  Are you the Addison police chief? Some state attorney general somewhere?  Illinois is not the only place this is happened after all. Go for it. Get yourself some headlines.

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 Mary Bauer Comcast Insults Now

Mary Bauer Comcast customer service’s latest victim.

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  1. I had problems with Comcast where they claimed I didn’t pay my bill. I looked it up on line and while talking to comcast said “I have a copy of the cancelled check…where do you want it emailed to show I paid this”. They said, “you have to fax it.”

    No wonder they so screwed up!!!

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