Meehan Blasts Trump, Profile In Spinelessness

Meehan Blasts Trump, Profile In Spinelessness
Profile in Spinelessness

Meehan Blasts Trump, Profile In Spinelessness — Showing again that his penchant is obstruction rather than progress, Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Pa7) joined the Democrats and denounced America’s Trumpian exit from the Paris Climate Scam.

“It calls into question our commitment to protecting and preserving the environment,” Meehan said. “And it forfeits our ability to drive countries like China and India to reduce their carbon footprint and compete on a level playing field. Ultimately, this disappointing decision diminishes America’s leadership role on the world stage.”

Right. Did he actually listen to the President’s explanation? Does he really think our presence in this scam is going to stop China and India — and other places — from building coal plants and expanding coal production? LOL. Does he really think the billion we gave to the “Green Fund” is really being used for the environment? LOL II. Does he not comprehend that we will be on the hook for tens, maybe hundreds, of billions more?

Does he think it is good for Americans to have $7,000 less household income?

The US does not need Europe, China or India to follow sane environmental practices. In fact, getting out of this scam would be much better for the environment. If annual income was $7 G higher a lot more households would be looking at Teslas and other battery-powered cars.

Grow a spine, Congressman. It’s going to bite you if you don’t.

Meehan Blasts Trump, Profile In Spinelessness



11 thoughts on “Meehan Blasts Trump, Profile In Spinelessness”

  1. Meehan was the political handler of the late Arlen Specter for years. Would one expect anything other than spinelessness. Perhaps Meehan will switch parties a few times like his mentor.

  2. He and Costello make a “good” pair, but Costello is actually worse. He revels in addressing the gang of Lefties that gather constantly outside his office and attend his Town Hall (the ONE that he recently had). He should be replace ASAP.

    1. Cold comfort indeed for Meehan –not being as bad as Costello. Doesn’t say a lot. Although Costello is really a lock for Empty Suit of the Year Award in Congress for 2017.

  3. Where in the hell do Pennsylvanians find these guys?
    Let’s get somebody like Stan Cascio.
    Let’s cut the salaries and perks and go for term limits.

    1. As to where profiles in courage like Meehan and Costello are found, please let me help. They are found in the Southeastern Pennsylvania Republican County Clubhouses, right near the rats and behind the crony-capitalist lobbyists.

      1. We have Charlie Dent here. He is a Statist, he favors State intervention in all issues. But no one can be found to run against him. The state machine is behind him, as are unions.

  4. Two Peas in the Pod Costello and Meehan don’t even know you cannot forecast weather long into the future. There are no averages can be used. This is a proven fact.

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