Muslim Killer Called ‘Tenn. Gunman’

There are times one just has to shake his head and wonder in what world those in the old media dinosaurs think they are living. Muslim Killer Called 'Tenn. Gunman'

Today’s (July 17) front page of The Philadelphia Inquirer ” screamed Tenn. Gunman Kills 4 Marines” regarding yesterday’s terror attack at a Marine recruiting center in Chattanooga.

The headline on its website initially read “Gunman grew up in conservative family.” It has since been changed to “conservative Muslim family.”

Well  the attacker with the nice traditional Southern name of Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez was born in Kuwait and brought here as an infant. He grew up in a devout Muslim home and espoused radical Muslim views on his website.

Pointedly avoiding consideration that Abulazeez theology was a motive for the murders is a laughable rejection of reality. That it is actually done is why it has become almost pointless to use the old media.

To call Abdulazeez “conservative” is perverse in today’s world. Why  do that? Because he believes in some god and follows a religious tradition? Would they call a Unitarian performing a gay marriage “conservative”?

Does Abdulazeez  believe in the sanctity of life? No. Does he respect our military? No. Does he respect the rule of law?  No. Does he agree with the First Amendment regarding religious dissenters? Sorta doubt it.

Does he accept that we are “Endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” Obviously not.

Those who answer yes to these things are to whom the label “conservative” applies in these modern times.

That the Inquirer would label Abdulazeez such shows that they are driven by anger towards their political opponents to such a degree that they resort to lies in headlines.

They must not be taken seriously.

Or trusted.

Political correctness is poison to truth. It is something that must be fought.

 Muslim Killer Called ‘Tenn. Gunman’


One thought on “Muslim Killer Called ‘Tenn. Gunman’”

  1. Bill, that was my immediate reaction when I saw the headline this morning. Is somebody actually laying ground rules for the MSM to bury any and all evidence of Islam induced terrorism? The Inquirer, though left wing, cannot be that brain dead!

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