Nova Prof Kills Skewed Gaming Study

Nova Prof Kills Skewed Gaming Study — A Villanova psychology professor has helped cause the retraction of a highly influential report that claimed video games caused violence.

Nova Prof Kills Skewed Gaming Study
Beware the battle cattle but don’t fear the battle cattle.

Psychology prof Dr. Patrick Markey, along with Dr. Malte Elson of Ruhr University  found that “‘Boom, headshot!?’: Effect of Video Game Play and Controller Type on Firing Aim and Accuracy” had numerous irregularities that suggested it was skewed towards a predetermined conclusion.

The paper by Dr. Brad Bushman, who teaches psychology at Ohio State, and Jodi L. Whitaker, who was his Ph.D. student, was published in Communication Research and the conclusions were repeated by establishment media.

So kudos Dr. Markey for keeping academia honest. You make us want to go out in the street and belt out a verse of Rise Rapture Rise.

Nova Prof Kills Skewed Gaming Study

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