Pa Republicans Are The Stupid Party

By Bob Guzzardi

As I have said a zillion times, it makes no sense to force The Forgotten Taxpayer to fund billion dollar tax exempt private educational corporations.

And, there is another reason: Money is Fungible. The geniuses Mike Turzai and Bill Adolph seem to have overlooked this.

Money to the University of Pennsylvania is money to the Obama Fundraising Network. How many dollars does any Republican raise from Penn’s faculty, administrators or alumni?

Collectivists and Statists are not the Republican base. Does Amy Gutmann or Anne Weaver Hart or Graham Spanier or Mark Nordenberg listen to  Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck or to NPR? Are they Anthropogenic Global Warmists? I think so.

Mike Turzai and the House Republicans are planning to give them thirty two million and two thousand dollars.

These people despise ALL Republicans, except Jon Huntsman, as racist, homophobic, misogynistic, stupid bigots. They might be right about “stupid”.

How stupid are they? Are any of the Republican House leadership concerned that they are giving Obama Democrats $30, 002,000 a financial stick to beat us with.

NewsWorks reports: “President Obama will come to the home of Comcast Executive Vice President David L. Cohen next Thursday for an intimate but deadly-serious fundraiser, Tom Fitzgerald reports. It will cost you 10 grand a plate, but if you can come up with or raise $100,000, you can attend a “VIP clutch” with the president.”


Pa Republicans Are The Stupid Party

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