Bill Clinton Wins

Bill Clinton Wins — I neglected to note last week that Democrat Bill Clinton held up to the Republican tide and beat Tracy Barusevicius 328 to 228 to hold  his 1st District seat on Upper Providence Council, Delaware County, Pa.

Bill Clinton Wins

Joe “We Don’t Like Children Anyhow” Sestak Votes For Socialized Medicine

Not only was Congressman Joe “Grandma Doesn’t Need That Pacemaker, And We Don’t Like Children Anyhow” Sestak (D-7Pa.) among the 220 votes last night for socializing American medicine, he was also among the 194 opposing the Stupak Amendment that would have kept the public tax-supported plan from covering abortions. Approval of the Stupak Amendment was required for the socialism to proceed.

I guess we know where Joe’s priorities lie — socialism is good but abortion is better.

Sestak has abandoned seeking re-election to his House seat in the hope of replacing Arlen Specter in the Senate.

According to Betsy McCaughey of the Wall Street Journal, the 1,990 pages of HR 3962 includes a requirement to enroll in a qualified plan with coverage eventually determined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services; proof of being in a qualified plan during the filing of taxes; that businesses cover their employees and pay 72.5% of the cost; and cut future Medicare funding by $500 billion.

I have seen the future, brother:  It is murder.

If you are up for reading the bill it can be found here.

The abomination must still be passed by the Senate.

So Why Won’t SEPTA OK Audit?

I’m not inclined to be sympathetic to Transport Workers Union Local 234 which is screwing up life for tens of thousands in the Philadelphia area by keeping SEPTA’s trolleys subways and buses from running — and that does not even count the damage to the environment, please think of the trees — especially since the average salary for the local is $52,000 along with bennies in this economy, but the sticking point in getting them back to work appears to be a demand for a forensic audit of the pension fund which SEPTA is unwilling to do.

The union has offered to pay for the audit.

It is something that makes you go hmmmmmm.

Allahu Akbar And A ‘Shout Out’

Soldiers who witnessed yesterday’s Fort Hood shooting rampage that left 13 people dead and 30 wounded reported that Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan shouted “Allahu Akbar!” —  Arabic  for “God is great!” — before opening fire, the base commander said.

Hasan,  among the wounded, was taken down by a female civilian police officer, something about which I hope he is receiving constant reminders during his suffering, along with pork rinds  in his Jello.

President Obama responded by beginning a scheduled speech at a Tribal Nations Conference with light banter including a “shout out” to “Dr. Joe Medicine Crow — that Congressional Medal of Honor winner”, even though the Congressional Medal of Honor is not among Dr. Joe’s  many honors.

Thank you again, Obama voters.

That was sarcasm.

A Republican Day In Pa

As in the states with races getting national coverage Election Day was a Republican Day in Pennsylvania — and especially Delaware County.

According to unofficial results, Republican Joan Orie Melvin was leading Democrat Jack Panella, 898,453 votes to 796,470 votes for the state Supreme Court seat with 97.4 percent of the precincts reporting.

Also, Republicans Sallie Mundy, Paula Ott and Judy Olson seemed to have wrapped up places on the Superior Court along with Anne E. Lazarus, the lone Democratic bright spot. In fact, the fourth Republican, Temp Smith, also finished behind Democrats Robert J. Colville, and Kevin Frances McCarthy.

Republicans Patricia A. McCullough and Kevin Brobson won the races for Commonwealth Court.

In Delaware County, Republican Linda Cartisano beat Democrat Nancy Rhoads Koons for a seat on Common Pleas Court in a 53,116 vote to 34,060 vote landslide.

Republicans Jack Whelan and Mario J. Civera beat Democrats Keith Collins and Nancy Baulis by similar margins for County Council seats.

In Springfield, Republicans Gina Sage,  Paul Wechsler and James J. Devenney easily won their commissioner races.

In a non-partisan election, Superior Court Judge Kate Ford Elliott and Commonwealth Court Judge Dan Pellegrini were retained by 68 percent and 66 percent votes respectively.

Pa. Election Day 2009

I’m sure many of the Democrats listed below are fine people and I understand that maybe some of the Republicans may not be, but I’m touching the GOP party-line button. Gotta love the hope and change.

Tomorrow is Election Day and while the races are not high-profile they are still important.

Perhaps the most so is the battle to fill the state Supreme Court seat being vacated by Jane Cutler Greenspan who was appointed to complete the term of the late Chief Justice Ralph Cappy after he retired last year. She had agreed not to seek a full 10-year term.

The race is between Joan Orie Melvin, a Republican from Pittsburgh, and Jack Panella, a Democrat from Bethlehem. Both are sitting Superior Court judges. While judges are supposed to be non-partisan, the winner will provide a one-vote majority on the court to his or her respective party.

And for state Superior Court — the 15-member body which is the first stop for most appeals for criminal and civil cases from the county-based Courts of Common Pleas — nine candidates are chasing four seats. The candidates are Republicans Sallie Mundy, Paula Ott, Judy Olson and Temp Smith; Democrats Anne E. Lazarus, Robert J. Colville, Kevin Frances McCarthy and Theresa Samina; and Libertarian Marakay J. Rogers. The term is for 10 years.

For state Commonwealth Courth — the nine-member body that handles appeals regarding matters involving state and local government and regulatory agencies — Republicans Patricia A. McCullough and Kevin Brobson, and Democrats Linda S. Judson and Barbara Behrend Ernsberger are chasing two seats. The term is for 10 years.

Seeking election to a 10-year term on Delaware County Common Pleas Court are Republican Linda Cartisano and Democrat Nancy Rhoads Koons.

And after the 10 years are up, the judge does not stand for contested election but for a retention vote in which the only options are yes and no.

Standing for retention elections this year are Superior Court Judge Kate Ford Elliott and Commonwealth Court Judge Dan Pellegrini.

The only contested Magisterial District Court race in Delaware County is in District 32-1-31 in Eddystone Borough between Republican Philip Turner Jr. and Democrat Alan Davis.

County Races

Four persons are seeking two seats on County Council — Democrats Keith Collins and Nancy Baulis, and Republicans Jack Whelan and Mario J. Civera.

Joseph McGinn, Edward O’Lone and Hugh Donaghue are not contested for the offices of Sheriff, Controller and Register of Wills, respectively.

Springfield Races

Domenic Bentivegna, Region 1; Theresa Carlson, Region 2; Douglas E. Carney, Region 3; Keith R. Black, Region 4; and Donald L. Heller, Region 8; are uncontested for seats on the Springfield School Board.

For Springfield Commissioner, however, Republican Gina Sage faces Democrat Larry Healy in Ward 2; Republican Paul Wechsler faces
Democrat Scott Newman in Ward 4; and Republican James J. Devenney faces Democrat Michael Kellar in Ward 6.

Running uncontested for Auditor is Republican James T. Delizzio; Constable, Republican Christpher Eiserman and cross-filed Shawn Riley; and Treasurer cross-filed Margaret A. Young.

A good source for more details and other races is the League of Women Voters of Delaware County’s

The local races can be followed online at this page on the county’s website.

The state races can be followed at this page at the Pennsylvania Department of State’s website.

Swine Flu Panic In Ukraine

European media sources are reporting a swine flu panic in Ukraine. There have been 33 deaths from flu-like symptoms, 11 of which have been confirmed as swine flu according to Polskie Radio.

Poland is considering closing the border.

The Ukraine Health Ministry is planning to impose quarantine throughout nation according to Kyiv Post.

Was Obama Almost Denied Dover AFB Photo Op?

Was Obama Almost Denied Dover AFB Photo Op?

Kristinn Taylor at has reported that 17 of the 18 families of the fallen denied media permission to photograph the return of their loved ones at Dover Air Force Base this morning for President Obama’s photo op.

The only family to grant permission was that of Sgt. Dale R. Griffin.

Griffin’s casket was the last to be brought off the
C-17 cargo plane that carried the bodies of 15 soldiers and 3 DEA
agents killed this week in Afghanistan.

The Pentagon, in April, lifted an 18-year ban on media covering the
return of fallen U.S. service members if family permission is provided.

Since the ban was lifted the approval rate has been about 60 percent.

Was Obama Almost Denied Dover AFB Photo Op?

Tim Donaghy’s Tell-All Hits Roadblock

Tim Donaghy who grew up in Havertown, was graduated from Cardinal O’Hara and disgraced professional basketball by betting on games and fixing point spreads has had his tell-all book about being a NBA referee hit a roadblock. Tim Donaghy's Tell-All Hits Roadblock

The publication of “Blowing the Whistle: The Culture of Fraud in the NBA” has been canceled by Triumph Books citing libel concerns.

Unfortunately for the NBA that hasn’t stopped excerpts from appearing on the web of which if even 10 percent are true — especially regarding the treatment of Allen Iverson — would drive you to conclude that watching the league is a waste of time.

Tim Donaghy’s Tell-All Hits Roadblock

FBI Visits Turnpike HQ

FBI Visits Turnpike HQ — FBI agents were reported at the Harrisburg head offices of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, Oct. 22 and possibly Oct. 23. Apparently the US Justice Department has had a several months long investigation of corruption at the Commission.

The a  six-lane widening project in the Valley Forge area was bid at $90 million and costs have reached $140 million.

The scandal includes large quantities of defective concrete and drainage pipes left unconnected.

Thank you, Gov. X.

FBI Visits Turnpike HQ
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