Mayoring Bankruptcy Is One Sweet Gig

Mayoring Bankruptcy Is One Sweet Gig — The woman running the bankrupt city that serves as Pennsylvania’s capital is still collecting her $80,000 salary.

And it has just been found that she just defaulted on a mortgage on a property she owns at 320 N. Fifth St. in the city and that she owes $1,086 in  2010 school district real estate taxes

Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson says it was just an oversight that she missed two  payments totaling $900 to Metro Bank which holds the mortgage and that “I’m human” regarding the personal fiscal issues in which has found herself.

Ms. Thompson does not live in the property but had used it as the headquarters of Loveship Inc., the  mortgage counseling nonprofit that she ran before becoming mayor.

Leaving aside the issue that one who “forgets” to pay debts and taxes despite a very high salary  should not be entrusted in running a a garden club much less a government, why is a bankrupt city paying an elected official $80,000 in salary?

Or a near bankrupt state for that matter? Until our elected officials like Bill Adolph and Steve Barrar and Greg Vitali and Dominic Pileggi and Daylin Leach and Ted Erickson and Tom Corbett just to name a very few start showing true leadership by halving their salaries and ending their bennies, the only thing of which “we the people” can be confident is that any “solution” to our fiscal problems are going to oppressively land squarely on our backs.

Oh, and let’s not leave out the “caring professional” who claim to be our educational leaders yet insist on the right to withhold education from children in order to acquire ever easier working conditions and ever increasing tax-funded salaries.

Hat tip PennLive.Com

Mayoring Bankruptcy Is One Sweet Gig

Mayoring Bankruptcy Is One Sweet Gig in Harrisburg

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