Pardon Edward Snowden To Help Drain The Swamp

Pardon Edward Snowden
Pardon Citizenfour

Pardon Edward Snowden — President Trump has dumped serious hate on whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Wonder if he still feels that way.

Snowden revealed in May 2013 that American intelligence services were spying on just about every American phone call and email. It turns out this includes those of cabinet members if those cabinet members aren’t part of the right club.

Two days ago, Feb. 13, 2017, Michael Flynn was forced from his job as Trump’s National Security Advisor after intelligence bureaucrats leaked to anti-Trump publications intercepted communications showing that he had discussed easing Obama-imposed sanctions on Russia with that nation’s ambassador.

The leak was a clear violation of the law, — far clearer, in fact, than the one that Snowden is accused of doing.

The scary thing, though, is that the swamp-dwellers who took down Flynn also want Snowden locked up for life.

We think The Donald is just starting to understand how deep that swamp really is. Bringing Citizenfour home and saying all is forgiven would significantly help with draining it.

Snowden, by the way, is not kissing up to either Trump or benefactor Vladimir Putin. Check out his interview with Katie Couric.


Pardon Edward Snowden To Help Drain The Swamp



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