Part-time Legislature For Pa?

Part-time Legislature For Pa — A push is being made to turn our legislature into a part-time one. This is a good idea.

On the other hand, some are trying to shrink are legislature and leave the citizens with less representation. This is a bad idea.
New Hampshire which has about one-tenth the population and about one-fifth the square miles as Pennsylvania has the largest legislature in the United States with 424 members. The legislators get an annual salary of $100.
Pennsylvania’s legislature has 253 members, who get an annual base — note base — salary of $82,026 plus a per diem plus a pension plan plus a health plan.
How about we double the size of the Pennsylvania legislature and cut their annual salaries to $100 while ending the pension and health plans, and the per diem?
How often do you hear of a New Hampshire speaker of the house getting convicted of a felony?
Part-time Legislature For Pa

Part-time Legislature For Pa

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