Pat Poprik Incompetence In Bucks County

Pat Poprik Incompetence In Bucks County — Bucks County Republican Party Chairwoman Pat Poprik, yesterday, Jan. 21, released the dumbest bit of politicking of 2020.

Granted its early but it sets a high bar.

Ms. Poprik and her clueless contingent declared that businessman Andrew Meehan, who is challenging incumbent Brian Fitzpatrick in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District, will be excluded from candidate screening.

“They voted not to allow him to be voted on,” said Robert Ciervo.

The county GOP Executive Committee claimed Meehan did not share their values because of some alleged social media sin. They said it without the dimmest awareness that cancel culture is clearly not the value of the overwhelming majority of Republican voters even in the Philadelphia suburbs.

If what he did was so bad, why not confront him during the screening? Hmmm? Can you say fear? Expediency?

How about stupidity?

You could have safely given the incumbent the nod without dissing Meehan or his many, many supporters who Fitzpatrick will need if he should win the primary, April 28.

But you chose the halo polishing route thinking it will get you patted on the head by the people who use you and hate us.

Bucks County needs a new boss.

Here is the release:

Pat Poprik Incompetence In Bucks County

Update 1: Andy Meehan has responded to the allegations of social media wrongdoing

Update 2: A little birdie told us the vote to exclude Meehan’s screening was 49-28 which is remarkable as our birdie says unanimous votes are the norm. Further the discussion to exclude Meehan took an hour and 15 minutes which was a unnecessary waste of time. Letting Meehan speak would have taken five minutes.

Pat Poprik Incompetence In Bucks County

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  1. I’d like to see Meehan run and win just to poke them in the eye with a big stick. Talking about divisiveness, Pat Poprik and her henchmen/women in Bucks and Montgomery are the reasons the GOP is losing everywhere by endorsing RINOs who are the vipers at the breast for our President Donald J. Trump and our country.

    I’d also like to know just who is paying them off.

  2. So they screened Andy before the “candidate screening.” Did they do that to all the other candidates?

  3. PRESS RELEASE: FRI JAN 3, 2020: Meehan Responds to Fitzpatrick Attack Ad: “Thanks, buddy!”

    Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District Candidate Andy Meehan issued the following statement on FRI JAN 3, 2020:

    “On Thursday, January 2, 2020, Brian Fitzpatrick for Congress launched an attack ad against me to criticize me for, among other things, my enjoyment of hiking and fishing. Clearly, these are the substantive matters that Republicans in PA District 01 deeply care about.

    And while my campaign is working hard to raise money here in PA-01, I’m grateful to Congressman Fitzpatrick for spending some of the million dollars he’s raised from DC special interests to produce this ad and boost my name recognition.

    “However, there are some errors in this ad that I must correct.

    1) Brian Fitzpatrick, not Andy Meehan, is Nancy Pelosi’s favorite Republican. According to the liberal group Americans for Democratic Action, Fitzpatrick votes with Nancy Pelosi more than any other Republican in Congress.

    2) Brian Fitzpatrick accuses me of “attacking Republicans” when he has voted to condemn our Republican President Donald Trump again and again. Fitzpatrick refused to vote for Donald Trump in 2016. Fitzpatrick refused to commit to supporting Donald Trump in 2020 in a recent NBC news interview. Perhaps worst of all, Brian Fitzpatrick voted with Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to label President Trump a “racist” in July 2019.

    3) Brian Fitzpatrick accuses me of hurting the PA-01 Republican Party in 2019. But on Election Day, Andy Meehan was working the polls all day on behalf of Republican candidates right here in Bucks County while Brian Fitzpatrick was posing for photo ops at unrelated events. Under the “leadership” of Brian Fitzpatrick, the Republican Party in Bucks County and PA-01 has suffered the worst election losses in 30 years, while Brian Fitzpatrick has remained silent.

    “Brian Fitzpatrick is scared of my grassroots, conservative campaign because I’m speaking the truth about his support for taking away gun rights, for open borders and amnesty, for letting biological men invade women-only spaces and sports, and for raising taxes. He accuses me of being a disloyal Republican, but the only reason I’m in this race is because of Brian Fitzpatrick’s disloyalty to Republican values, voters, and our President. Fitzpatrick launched this attack on the same day he refused an invitation from the Lower Makefield/Yardley Republican Committee because I was also invited.

    “Brian: It’s time to stop hiding behind your campaign staff and attack ads and have a real debate.”


    VIEW FITZPATRICK ATTACK AD HERE: Andy Meehan: Against Us, Helping Them


  4. PRESS RELEASE: MON JAN 20, 2020: Meehan Campaign Response to Fitzpatrick’s Latest Attack Ad

    Today, Andy Meehan issued the following statement in response to Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s latest attack ad:

    Thirteen years ago, I made a mistake in driving home from my local bar in the snow. I had a low-speed collision with another car that was parked at a traffic light which caused minor damage. I then pulled over into a parking lot, waited for police, and told them I was drinking. I was convicted, served a forty-eight-hour sentence in Bucks County Prison and a suspension of my license, and paid some steep fines.

    I greatly regret that incident and have not had any other like it before or since.

    Meehan’s Campaign Manager, Chris Sofield, issued the following statement:

    Brian Fitzpatrick’s attack on Andy Meehan over a thirteen-year-old DUI is a distraction from the issues that matter to voters in the district and is disingenuous.

    If Fitzpatrick cared about drunk driving deaths, he would fight against the epidemic of Americans killed every year by drunk driving illegal aliens. However, Fitzpatrick perpetuates the problem by opposing funding to secure our southern border, where 97% of all illegal entries take place, and by supporting federal funding for so-called “sanctuary cities” that set criminal aliens free to commit more crimes.

    One of Fitzpatrick’s own constituents, Sis Davis, a 79-year-old grandmother, was killed in November, 2018, by an illegal alien drunk driver who had multiple DUIs and had been set free earlier that same day by the “Sanctuary City” policy of Philadelphia.

    While Andy Meehan for Congress hosted a one-year memorial for the family of Sis Davis, and has laid out a plan for dealing with the problem, Brian Fitzpatrick has said absolutely nothing, done absolutely nothing, and was a no-show at the Sis Davis Memorial held by Andy Meehan for Congress on November 16, 2019. Sis Davis’ daughter Donna Poiron and the family of Sis Davis attempted to contact Brian Fitzpatrick numerous times about the brutal and preventable death of her mother: Brian Fitzpatrick never contacted the family, and has remained silent.

    Fitzpatrick has refused to debate Andy or even show up at the same event. Instead, Congressman Fitzpatrick has released another slimy political ad on Youtube that conceals that he’s the one paying for it, skirting the FEC’s “Stand By Your Ad” rules.

    It’s time for Brian Fitzpatrick to stop hiding behind slimy ads and debate the issues that matter to Republicans in Pennsylvania’s First Congressional District.


    Just like Brian Fitzpatrick denounced President Trump during the 2016 Presidential election and refused to vote for him.

    Just like Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick voted to denounce President Trump as a “racist” on July 16, 2019 along with Democrats Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

    I must be doing something right! 🙂 Andrew Meehan​



    The Bucks County GOP has accused a Republican congressional candidate of making “discriminatory” remarks on social media and attempting to secretly record an interview with party officials. The party also said Andy Meehan, the president of an investment firm who is running in the April 28 primary against incumbent GOP Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, had lied about a DUI conviction and recorded meetings with local GOP clubs and committees without their prior knowledge. “Following the discovery of discriminatory statements made on social media and a record of deception unbecoming of a candidate for federal office, the Executive Committee has found Andrew Meehan’s congressional candidacy inconsistent with our shared values of individual liberty and personal freedom,” Bucks GOP chair Pat Poprik said in a statement Tuesday.

    Meehan, who has accused Fitzpatrick of failing to support President Donald Trump’s agenda, said the social media posts had been taken out of context.

    “Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick and his allies have launched an ‘everything and the kitchen sink’ attack on my campaign,” he said in a statement late Tuesday, adding that he did not want the party’s endorsement.


    PRESS RELEASE: TUE JAN 21, 2020: Meehan Response to Fitzpatrick’s Desperate Hit Job


    Fitzpatrick, one of the few suburban Republicans who survived the Democratic wave in the 2018 midterm elections, is favored to win the nomination. Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District is considered one of the most competitive in the country, but Democrats have yet to recruit a top-tier candidate to challenge him.

    The county party pointed to screen shots of social media posts including one in which Meehan wrote: “Translation: Hooray for the divisive environment brought on by the identity race vulture politics of the LEFT! Hooray for the african americans that opt to stay on the government plantation where they belong! Inmates hate seeing others set free.”

    Meehan said the comment “was not my opinion but an honest paraphrasing of the left’s attitude towards African Americans in our country.” “No, I do not say ‘Hooray’ for keeping anyone on a ‘government plantation,’ ” he said. “That is the left’s position, not mine.”

    He said he was not racist: “It’s the most ridiculous accusation ever.”

    In another post, Meehan wrote: “I’m one of your ‘nazis’ come punch me snowflake!”

    In the statement, Meehan said he used the word Nazi in quotes “in response to the left’s ascribing that label to everyone they disagree with … and using that as a justification to ‘punch a Nazi.’”

    The Bucks GOP didn’t have the link to the posts, so the context wasn’t clear.

    The party also highlighted a photo on Meehan’s campaign website, captured via screen shot, of a man wearing a T-shirt bearing the image of the Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara that included an antigay slur. Meehan said that he didn’t know the individual and that his campaign website had featured hundreds of photos from events. “I don’t condone that kind of language and it’s not on our current website,” he said.

    “I believe these images speak for themselves,” said Fitzpatrick campaign spokesperson Kate Constantini.

    As for the alleged secret recordings, Meehan said: “Public meetings are fine for people to record.”

    Meehan confirmed he had pleaded guilty in 2007 to charges of driving while intoxicated. He said he had “made a mistake in driving home from my local bar in the snow” and had a “low-speed collision” with another car stopped at a traffic light, causing minor damage. “I greatly regret that incident and have not had any other like it before or since,” he said.

    The Fitzpatrick campaign last weekend uploaded an unlisted video to YouTube — visible only to those who receive the link — that highlighted the drunken-driving conviction and declared Meehan “dangerous,” “unstable,” and “unelectable.”

    When reported the news of the DUI, the Meehan campaign fired back, saying that if “Fitzpatrick cared about drunk driving deaths, he would fight against the epidemic of Americans killed every year by drunk driving illegal aliens.”


    PRESS RELEASE: MON JAN 20, 2020: Meehan Campaign Response to Fitzpatrick’s Latest Attack Ad






    Contact the Bucks County Republican Committee
    Address: 115 N Broad St, Doylestown, PA 18901
    Phone: (215) 345-6811


    Contact Kate Constantini | Communications Director
    Brian Fitzpatrick for Congress

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