Paycheck Protection Amendment Defeated

An amendment to a school emergency allergy bill, (HB 803) instituting “paycheck protection” was defeated 28-20, yesterday, Oct. 15.

All Democrats voted nay excepted for LeAnna Washington who didn’t vote. They were joined by Republicans Pat Browne, Stewart Greenleaf, Bob Mensch, John RaffertyTommy Tomlinson and Eric Erickson.

Erickson represents the 26th District in Delaware County. There is no point in giving him grief, though, as he vacates his seat this December.  We are disappointed it should be noted.  He has indicated paycheck protection is not something he opposed.

The others, except for Browne who represents Lehigh County, also represent the Philadelphia suburbs.

Paycheck protection would end the almost universal Pennsylvania practice of union dues, fees and political contributions being automatically deducted from the paychecks of government employees including those in the public schools.

This would require supporters of those causes to write checks or make other arrangements to transfer the money, just like, well, the rest of us do.

In places where this was implemented the money for leftist “progressive” groups dried up. They are apparently not so popular that their flock won’t stop the tithes when given the chance.

The amendment was introduced by Scott Wagner of the 28th District who is starting to look heroic.

While there is no point in giving grief to Erickson one might want to send a nod of thanks to embattled Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi of the 9th District  who voted aye and represents most of the rest of Delaware County.

But also give a nod of thanks to Wagner and the others who are battling him.

Paycheck Protection Amendment Defeated

Paycheck Protection Amendment Defeated


Hat tip Matt Brouillette of Commonwealth Foundation

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