Proof Trump Won Pennsylvania Courtesy Department Of State

Proof Trump Won Pennsylvania Courtesy Department Of State –The Democrat-controlled Pennsylvania Department of State, July 8, issued Directive 1 of 2021 that prohibits county election boards from cooperating with the state Senate audit of the 2020 Election.

The following directive is effective immediately:
a. County Boards of Elections shall not provide physical, electronic, or internal access to third parties seeking to copy and/or conduct an examination of state-certified electronic voting systems, or any components of such systems, including but not limited to: election management software and systems, tabulators, scanners, counters, automatic tabulating equipment, voting devices, servers, ballot marking devices, paper ballot or ballot card printers, portable memory media devices (thumb drives, flash drives and the like), and any other hardware, software or devices being used as part of the election management system.


Well this is how they explain it:

Demands have been made to allow third party entities not directly involved with the conduct of elections to have access to electronic voting systems, specifically to review and copy the internal electronic, software, mechanical, logic, and related components of such systems. These demands have included the desire to image electronic memory spaces, to download operating systems and software, and to copy information that is internal and proprietary. Such access by third parties undermines chain of custody requirements and strict access limitations necessary to prevent both intentional and inadvertent tampering with electronic voting systems. It also jeopardizes the security and integrity of those systems and will negate the ability of electronic voting system vendors to affirmatively state that such systems continue to meet Commonwealth security standards, are validated as not posing security risks, and Page 2 of 2 are able to be certified to perform as designed by the electronic voting system vendor and as certified by both the U.S. Election Assistance Commission and the Department of State.


The Senate is not directly involved with the conduct of elections? Oversight?

Seems somebody wants something hidden. A responsible authority interested in a universally accepted outcome and that was confident of the certified election tally would not hesitate to cooperate with an audit.

Biden won Pennsylvania by 80,000 votes according to the official results. Showing minor mistakes and petty fraud would never give Trump what’s necessary for victory. Only demonstrating massive, orchestrated, hitherto unimaginable fraud could flip things.

Does the Wolf administration think such a thing possible? Then why the fight and why the fear of an audit?

We can think of only one explanation.

If you doubted the election was stolen before, don’t doubt now.

Update: Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-33), who is leading the fight for the audit, has responded saying the each standing committee of the Pennsylvania Senate is authorized by law to “investigate the books, papers, documents, data, operation of physical plant of any public agency in this commonwealth, including county election boards.”

He notes that this has been consistently upheld by the state Supreme Court.

See his statement here.

LOL Update: We just got from LinkedIn. We had forgotten we were automatically posting there. Ponder this, would they have censored a claim that Mrs. Clinton won Michigan in 2016? Kinda doubt it. The more you hold Big Tech in contempt, the happier you are, and the freer you are.

Proof Trump Won Pennsylvania Courtesy Department Of State
Proof Trump Won Pennsylvania Courtesy Department Of State
Proof Trump Won Pennsylvania Courtesy Department Of State

5 thoughts on “Proof Trump Won Pennsylvania Courtesy Department Of State”

    1. And this MartyrMade article. Well that’s just great. Out republic is dead and our constitution is dead but I should be happy the man tasked with defending us from ALL enemies foreign and domestic isn’t…If that article was designed to boil my blood then Cooper nailed it.

      I said it then and I will say it until the day I die. Trump wasn’t cheated. He was only the candidate. The American People were cheated!

  1. Very wrong these obvious fraudulent traitors (they should be in prison). Even many blue States are calling for an audit, even in California, they know how fixed their State has been and others States too.
    Please understand too that Canada is finished it is now the CCP’s UN controlled even when so many Canadians do not realize, seem not to care and believe anything in the bought out MSM so we are without wanting to be your enemy, very very sad, Do not trust our once Canadian totalitarian, lying communist government.
    God bless you all I am praying for you all to be able to fix these bought out 2031 agenda governments and get your country back, save America, MAGA.

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