Republicans Sweep Pennsylvania Court Races

Republicans Sweep Pennsylvania Court Races — Republicans swept all state judicial races, yesterday, showing what happens when an honest, competent guy like Lawrence Tabas replaces an otherwise not.

Kevin Brobson has 1,323,350 votes to Maria McLaughlin’s 1,191,940 votes in the Supreme Court race as of 10 o’clock, this morning, Nov. 3.

Megan Sullivan has 1,398,52 votes to Timka Lane’s 1,105,199 votes in the Superior Court race. Superior Court is intermediate appellate court for most things.

Stacy Marie Wallace and Drew Crompton have 1,281,023 and 1,205,539 votes respectively in the Commonwealth Court race with Democrat opponents Lori A. Dumas and David Lee Spurgeon having 1,122,499 and 1,015,948 votes.

Commonwealth Court is the intermediate appellate court where cases involving state agencies are heard along with some in which the Commonwealth is a party.

In Delaware County, Democrats appear to have narrowly won all county-wide offices.

Richard Womack and Kevin Madden have if this morning 63,149 and 62,554 votes to Republicans Joseph Lombardo Jr.’s and Frank Agovino’s 61,686 and 60, 156 in the County Council race.

Jerry Sanders has 65,600 votes to Lawrence E. Weigand III’s 62,618 in the Sheriff’s race.

Joannne Phillips has 65,377 to Sherry Smyth’s 62,271 in the County Controller’s race.

Rachel Ezzell Berry has 65,866 to David J. Bartholf’s 61,773 in the Register of Wills race.

A Republican, however, does appear to have reached the bench of the Court of Common Pleas. Michael Ruggieri has 62,570 votes putting his behind Democrat Deborah Krull’s 64,498 votes but ahead of Democrat Tinu Moss who has 60,085 votes and Republican Deborah Truscello at 59,818 votes.

In Springfield’s Region 3 School Board race, Jennifer Flynn received 999 votes to 112 write-in votes which likely went to Nichole Missino, who launched a gutsy last minute campaign.

In the Eastern Lancaster County School Board race, Jennifer Jarvis does not appear to have won her last minute write-in battle but the write-in candidates did get 1,221 votes, which is about a quarter of that of those who appeared on the ballot, which is rather amazing as the campaigns were all launched far after the primary.

“I sure made a footprint in the right direction,” said Mrs. Jarvis. “I will be running in the next election.”

Remember in this great battle of Us vs Them, it is not men vs. women, or “blacks” vs. “whites”, or even Democrats vs. Republicans. The fight is between those who want to push people around and get rich via government, and those who just want to live their lives without thinking they are the center of the universe.

Republicans Sweep Pennsylvania Court Races
Republicans Sweep Pennsylvania Court Races

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