Respected Global Warming Skeptic Resigns From AccuWeather

The Feb 21 resignation of Joe Bastardi from AccuWeather is slowly creeping into the conscious of the politically aware.

Bastardi, one of the nation’s most respected meteorologist, had worked with the firm based in State College, Pa. He is a vocal critic of the claims about man-made global warming or anthropogenic global warming (AGW)

It is an irony that Bastardi worked in the same town as Penn State professor Michael Mann , the man-caused global warming proponent whose leaked emails in 2009 caused many to question global warming claims.

Respected Global Warming Skeptic Resigns From AccuWeather

Respected Global Warming Skeptic Joe Bastardi Resigns From AccuWeather

One thought on “Respected Global Warming Skeptic Resigns From AccuWeather”

  1. This could very well be a hatchet job by the PCers who are trying to resurect the ‘global warming” mantra after it was discredited in the past two years by the email leaks and the frigid weather.

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