Rohrer Considering Senate Run

Sam Rohrer has confirmed that he is considering a challenge to incumbent and not-as-pro-life-as-he-likes-to-claim Democrat Senator Bob Casey Jr.

Rohrer told PoliticsPa.Com on Sept. 9 that “family circumstances have already been taken care of” and that the ground support is there.

He said the major issue preventing him from making the declaration official is fundraising. A senate run would be expected to cost $20 million.

Rohrer, a Republican, had represented the 128th District in the Pennsylvania House from 1993 to 2010 and was the respected Republican chairman of the House Finance Committee. He refrained from seeking re-election last year to concentrate on an insurgent gubernatorial run in the Pennsylvania primary. He lost to Tom Corbett, who would be the general election winner, and who is someone to whom he has never warmed.

He was named state director of Americans for Prosperity last February.

3 thoughts on “Rohrer Considering Senate Run”

  1. Thanks for running this. I can’t think of anyone else who could beat Casey. I hope all republicans will get on board.
    What a perfect partner for Toomey.

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