Sam Rohrer Checklist — A Guide For Legislators

Sam Rohrer Checklist — Sam Rohrer, as a member of the Pennsylvania House representing the 128th District, estimates he casts 120,000 votes before declining to run for re-election in 2010 to concentrate on a bid to be governor.

He dealt with each vote in accordance to a checklist he devised and he says he never violated its principles.

Sam’s checklist is:

  • Is it moral?
  • Is it constitutional?
  • Does it strengthen individual freedom or does it strengthen government control over the individual?
  • Is it inefficient or ineffective?
  • Is there money to pay for it?

Here it is as a pdf file that you can print to give to your legislators at any level: Sam Rohrer Checklist

Sam Rohrer Checklist

Sam and Ruth Ann Rohrer


Sam Rohrer Checklist

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