Sestak Seeks Senate Seat

Former Congressman and Obamacare supporter Joe Sestak is expected to announce tomorrow, March 5, that he will be seeking the Pennsylvania Senate seat held by the very competent Republican Pat Toomey.

Here is the campaign photo that is being passed around Facebook.

Sestak and small dogApparently his gimmick is going to be a ventriloquist act where he has a conversation with a small dog.

Sestak Seeks Senate Seat

7 thoughts on “Sestak Seeks Senate Seat”

  1. So now he’s using his dog? In 2010 he sought the sympathy vote in an attempt to capitalize on his lovely daughter’s unfortunate illness. I can’t count the times that I heard Sestak say that one of his primary reasons for his support of Obamacare was his experience with his daughter’s cancer.

    Sestak would be a disaster and is a far-Left ideologue — a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Here’s a link to a letter that was published five years ago in several PA newspapers:

    It is important to note that Sestak parroted the same lie about Obamacare that Obama was criticized so justifiably for: “If you like your plan you can keep it; if you like your doctors you can keep them!” If the Republicans are smart enough to use Sestak’s own words against him, it might give them some leverage in the campaign, but considering their ineffective and incompetent strategies in the past, I’m not betting on it.

  2. I admire Joe Sestack for his service to our country in the military but that far from qualifies him as a potential US Senator judging by his work as a congressman from Pennsylvania. And, as much as I love dogs (and have rescues living in our house), I’d rather eat shards of broken glass than vote for this lockstep dirtbag democRAT who votes party lines rather than think of the impact he creates on the lives of ALL LEGAL Americans.

  3. I clearly remember Sestak’s”big lie” on his answer to a question a caller to the radio show he was on asked regarding Obamacare.

    Caller Q:”I hear that Obamacare is going to take about $500 billion dollars away from Medicare to fund Obamacare. Is that true.”
    Sestak’s reply:”Absolutely not!!There will not be one dollar taken away from senior government provided health coverage under Obamacare”

    Bold faced lie!!!!..because t was fairly common knowledge ,at that momment, that at leas $500 billion was going to betaken from from Medicare.
    Someone on Senator Toomey’s staff ought to find that tape and play it back during the capaign

  4. Joe ought to campaign in bell-bottomed trousers while wearing a big brown nose. Hell’s bells he could use his own nose.

    1. Far left is good nowadays. With all the nuts we have on the far right now I’d vote for him.

      1. The problem with “the left”, at least with regard to the leaders, isn’t what they say they believe it’s what they do. They say they care about labor and demand that dues be automatically taken from workers paychecks which they use to give themselves six-figure salaries for jobs they tell the IRS only takes them an hour a week:

        They say they care about children then vote to withhold education from them because they think $70,000 for 190 days of work (not counting benefits) is just not enough.

        They say they care about health care and then make it so the poor can’t get find get doctors and middle class can’t pay for insurance.

        They say the care about jobs and make it so businesses — especially small business i.e. “the little guy” — can’t afford to hire anyone.

        They say they care about the environment and push manufacturing to places without environmental controls.

        And whoever points this out — or even questions it — they point their fingers at and scream BAD BAD BAD H8er!!!

        The more people ask question the less they’ll be inclined to follow the leaders of the left.

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