Stay Safe This Winter

As bitterly cold winter weather again strikes the region, it is important to keep in mind several tips to stay safe this season, reports state Rep. Jim Cox (R-129). Stay Safe This Winter

It is a good idea to pack an emergency kit for a vehicle in case a driver becomes stranded. Transportation officials suggest a basic kit include non-perishable food, water, blanket, a small snow shovel and warm clothes. It is also recommended drivers include a flashlight with batteries and a candle with matches.

To help prevent breakdowns and crashes, be sure vehicles are in good shape by checking all fluid levels, lights, wiper blades and tire condition, and removing as much snow and ice as possible.

In addition, be sure to follow these guidelines when encountering a plow truck:

• Stay at least six car lengths behind an operating plow truck and remember that the main plow is wider than the truck.
• Be alert since plow trucks generally travel much more slowly than other traffic.
• When a plow truck is coming toward a motorist, move as far away from the center of the road as is safely possible, and remember that snow can obscure the actual snow plow width.
• Never try to pass or get between several trucks plowing side by side in a “plow train.” The weight of the snow thrown from the plow can quickly cause smaller vehicles to lose control and create a hazard for nearby vehicles.
• Never travel next to a plow truck since there are blind spots where the operator can’t see and they can occasionally be moved sideways when hitting drifts or heavy snowpack.
• Keep lights on to help the operator better see a vehicle. Also remember that under Pennsylvania law, vehicle lights must be on every time a vehicle’s wipers are on due to inclement weather.

Stay Safe This Winter

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