Super Pershing William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 6-7-19

Some say the German King Tiger tank was the best tank of World War II. On April 21, 1945 it faced off in a one-on-one duel with an American T-26 Super Pershing in Dessau, Germany. Both crews saw each other at about the same time, and in fact, the German fired first.

The American tank responded with a high-explosive shell which hit it doing it little damage. The German tank apparently fired again — the Pershing was rattled by something — again with little effect. The Pershing then took its second shot with an armor piercing round and the Tiger went up in smoke.

So no, Anthony, the German King Tiger was not the top tank in World War II.

Super Pershing William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 6-7-19
Super Pershing

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  1. This story is most likely false. There is no record of any King Tigers being near Dessau at the time of this action. As to the best tank of WWII, that depends on the criteria used to judge them. I think the King Tiger is the best tank in a one-on-one tank duel of the tanks that were in action during WWII.

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