7 thoughts on “Revised Susan Jane Goldner Story Coming”

  1. Bill, it would be smart for you to ask for other sources before you once again post inaccurate information. No other committee person in Montgomery county is being called for a review of their behavior. Ms. Goldner had been reminded not to slam any GOP candidate many times. I had texted her over and over again. The hearing was longer than 20 minutes and she was given open time to defend herself. When she continued to go off topic about subjects of things she does for other organizations the chair cut her off. There was one major issue she was called up on.
    Her defense was meger, herself and her dad. I know she contacted people to appear or write letters for her. They chose not to do so
    If you want to present a one sided blog, so be it. I will be around to defend the Republican Party.

    1. Then you be around to defend the Republican Party till your heart’s content.

      It sounds more like the party leaders didn’t want Susan and not her constituents. That the party leaders don’t see that as the problem, is the problem.

      Story coming tomorrow.

    2. You’re a token liar for the establishment, Mary Anne. What you did was absolutely despicable. That “hearing” was a joke— I was totally railroaded and you’re so out-of-touch that you couldn’t even recognize what was happening and what awful precedent was being set. I certainly was NOT given ample time to defend myself. And my defense rested on how much I have done for R candidates the past 5 yrs- how I reached out to them in private and their staff, the events I attended which I never saw you at. You have a serious problem with any threat to the status-quo, never were a Trumper, you should be the one to remove yourself.

    3. Meager defense? Both my continuance requests by two different lawyers were denied, does that sound like justice to you? Or a fair hearing? They pulled a fast one and are trying to get away with it and Mary Anne you ought to be ashamed playing such a role!!

    4. M.A.N., I never saw you at ONE GOTV phone bank efforts for School Board last year that I personally set up, had funded and hosted. You’re all talk. You do nothing all year round, I am active all year round. But this was your “shining moment”, huh? Pitiful. You always scoffed at how involved and ambitious I was too. Where was your support ever?

      All anyone has to do is look at my photos and videos up online I have taken this year alone with all the R candidates in support of them and you bounce me over some social media comments?? What is wrong with you petty women in the party. HINT: THIS IS WHY WE LOSE

  2. Susan is amazing. I know she didn’t want to drag her neighbors into this, she didn’t tell us what was happening. I’m sure it was painful for her, but we love her at the polls and I always take her insight on things. Very smart young lady. I think what happened to her by our county Republicans in charge is atrocious. Just because you didn’t like her personally or see her potential, do you think it was wise to remove her on such clearly biased and trivial grounds? You all should be focused on running candidates in D seats that run year after year unopposed by Republicans. I know Susan has been helping to recruit candidates. She has always worked for and supported the Republicans. Shame on the local party for making such a lousy decision. Mike

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