The Apostles’ Call And Ours

The Apostles’ Call And Ours

But note both their faith and their obedience. For though they were in the midst of their work — and you know how time consuming a chore fishing is — when they heard His command they did not delay or procrastinate. They did not say “Let us return home, and talk things over with our family,” even as Elisha did when he followed Elijah. For Christ seeks this kind of obedience from us, such that we delay not even for a moment, though something absolutely most necessary should vehemently press in on us.

Saint John Chrysotom

The kingdom of heaven has no price tag on it. It is worth as much as you have for Zacchaeus it was wroth half of what he owned, because the other half that he had unjustly pocketed he promised to restore four-fold. For Peter and Andrew it was worth the nets and vessel they had left behind; for the widow it was worth two copper coins; for another it was a cup of cold water. So, as we said, the kingdom of heaven is worth as much as you have.

Saint Gregory the Great

Like Peter, Andrew, James and John we have been called to discipleship. As such, we are given the name of “Christian”. But are we conscious what the name stands for, what responsibility comes with it? It is more than just a title or a label. To be a disciple of Christ, to bear the name of Christian, compels us to take on the responsibility — regardless of the difficulty and cost — of living the Gospel every moment of our lives.

Courtesy of Holy Myrrh-Bearers Church of Swarthmore

The Apostles' Call And Ours

The Apostles’ Call And Ours

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