The Mosque Protest is a Waste of Time We Need Correction Not Change

Sometimes people protest the wrong things.  All of that energy wasted while employment rises and health care increases talking about mosques, whether the President is American, the latest winner on America’s Got Talent while unemployment is constantly rising–to almost 50% in some inner city areas.  A few weeks ago it was reported that Obama designated 600 million dollars to protect the border.  Why can’t he find any money for job creation and educational grants, or a failing healthcare system for Americans who don’t have insurance and even have it.  My insurance is horrible.  I have a five thousand dollar deductable.  What kind of insurance is that?  The current economic problems are more about priorities than lack of funds.  For six hundred million dollars you could build a new nation on an island and let illegals live there.  Why not give them Arizona?  It hasn’t done anything except create bad laws and senators.   I don’t mean to upset all of the people who love Arizona, in fact I think I know both of them, but it could go.  But then the U.S. citizens would be forced to show their papers because the Mexican border will have crossed over them and enveloped them.   Wait a minute.  Since Arizona used to be part of Mexico–that’s what happened to a lot of the Mexican-Americans who live there and have to show their papers.  That is really lame.

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