Treason Never Prospers, Right Joe?

Treason Never Prospers, Right Joe? –Joe Biden has been hidin’. A major candidate avoiding the public is unprecedented in the fortnight before a presidential election.

Treason Never Prospers, Right Joe?
C’mon man, sometimes treason does prosper

What could be the reason?

Well, has it ever before occurred that documents belonging to a close family member been revealed to indicate treason by the candidate?

Yeah, we’ll use that word. We’ve used it before.

Hunter Biden’s laptop left at The Mac Shop, a  a Wilmington, Del. computer repair store, has revealed among many other things, that Hunter was looking to get $850K per year in a do-nothing job with Shanghai-based conglomerate CEFC China Energy Co., along with equity which included 10 percent going to Dad.

There is only one logical reason we haven’t been protecting US IP and industry from the People’s Republic Of China since the Clinton years.

Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.

John Harington

Treason Never Prospers, Right Joe?

5 thoughts on “Treason Never Prospers, Right Joe?”

  1. What I do not see reason for is that the FBI and William Bar had this information for a year and never spoke up, is this true or is this just what Canadian Liberal Advertisement media is saying. I will add that there were also undressed 14 year old girls reportedly pictured in this same computer? Canada has little actual truthfully reported news media left, but Biden/Harris sound like they are just like our PM Traitor so I really hope for the USA’s sake that President Trump is re-elected.

      1. Yeah, it’s not clear that Barr had any knowledge of the laptop and its contents.
        Rush Limbaugh floated an interesting theory earlier this afternoon: the FBI sat on this since it received the hard drive last December, because the agency anticipates a Biden victory, and this would give them leverage over him.
        Far-fetched? The kind of thing you expect in Putin’s Russia, or in some Third World country?
        But then, those countries are the intellectual cousins of our current Democrats and their Leftist/Progressive intellectuals and thought leaders. So it wouldn’t surprise me.

        1. I heard Rush say something similar yesterday. Rush pointed out that most of grew up thinking those in fed law enforcement where just like us, patriotic, basically decent just with a different vocation. He said that he just very recently realized that those running the agencies were interested only in power.

  2. The word “family” takes on a different context, in light of these revelations.
    Biden sought what Hyman Roth described in “Godfather, Part II”: “…real partnership with the government.”

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