Trump Winning Election Lawsuits

Trump Winning Election Lawsuits — Here’s a shock for those who get their information from n the highly paid propagandists in the establishment media: Donald Trump is winning his election lawsuits.

Trump Winning Election Lawsuits
Winning the lawsuits

At least those where he gets to present evidence.

The revelation comes from

A team led by physicist John Droz analyzed the legal actions taken by Trump and his allies and found that they have won 15 of the 21 cases decided on merit (i.e. evidence), and that 25 remain active.

He notes that 34 cases were withdrawn, consolidated with other cases or rejected for lack of standing. In other words, evidence was not presented in thse cases.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Mike Lindell’s documentary about the massive vote fraud Absolute Proof.

Winning Election Lawsuits

2 thoughts on “Trump Winning Election Lawsuits”

  1. This is good news. I just wonder how this will affect the election and how are future elections going to be protected.

  2. Finally the justice system is starting to work, that is why probably they are ferociously still trying to illegally impeach an American citizen, these lies they made up should also be in court, but when.
    Then how to get rid of the bought lying medias? The regressive unwoke are beyond belief.
    I really hope enough people finally see what has really taken place.

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