Union Boss Worries About Privacy

Union Boss Worries About PrivacyYesterday, union boss John Kane expressed outrage about this photo we ran showing the signs on his lawn for the Republican-endorsed candidate in the Aug. 4 special election for the vacated 161st State House seat.

Kane is the business manager of Plumbers Union Local 690 and was the Democrat candidate for the 26th District State Senate seat last fall.

He was singing a markedly different tune about “privacy” and protecting children a year ago when a law was being debated that would do exactly that.

The bill, HB 1154 of 2013, would have prohibited union members from “harassment, stalking and threat to use weapons of mass destruction” activities now actually allowed by union members if it is part of a job action.

The bill was submitted after a female Post Bros. executive named Sarina Rose could not get a judge to stop union members from following her into restaurants and TAKING PICTURES OF HER CHILDREN AT THEIR SCHOOL BUS STOP.

In March 2014, Kane called this kind of crap “an essential right”.

HB 1154 died after it was gutted in the State Senate due to union lobbying.

The man the Republican Party picked to fill the 161st seat is cut from the same cloth as Kane.

Fortunately, there is a choice in the race as Penn Delco School Director Lisa Esler is running a write-in campaign and has a very good chance of winning.

Union Boss Worries About Privacy



4 thoughts on “Union Boss Worries About Privacy”

  1. I had a problem with his street being on the original post–I no longer do. Union thugs want all of their “rights” and have a hissy fit when they think they’ve been put upon–yet they don’t mind threatening those who don’t do their bidding. Anybody who would lobby against a bill that would provide safety for anyone is nothing more than a street fighter. Amazing that the Republican party would pick a man for its endorsed candidate who so openly and heavily supported Kane. Guess the lawn signs are part of the payback–wonder how much money his union’s thrown at Mullen??

  2. Bill, thanks so much for exposing John Kane’s hypocritical outrage about his home being photographed. You are one of the best reporters in the area and your website is most informative.

  3. Regarding the photo Bill posted of John Kane’s house with a Paul Mullen sign on the lawn:

    Is anyone really surprised that Kane, a Democrat, is supporting a ‘Republican’ candidate for State Rep? After all, Paul Mullen supported John Kane very vigorously in his unsuccessful race against Tom McGarrigle in 2014.

    The best option for the 161st voters is to write-in Lisa Esler’s name on August 4th. She is not on the ballot but she is the ONLY Republican candidate in the State Rep race.

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