Vax Honcho Calls Cops On Kirsch

Vax Honcho Calls Cops On Kirsch — Steve Kirsch, the brilliant inventor who now calls himself a journalist — his Substack page has nearly a million followers, after all, which is more than twice as much as than Daily Times, the Daily News and the Inquirer combined — had the police called upon him when he tried to contact Dr. Grace Lee at her Palo Alto, Ca. home.

Grace got the note

Dr. Lee, a professor of pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine, chairs the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, which arguably makes her the top vaccine safety person in the world outside of the CDC.

Kirsch said he emailed and texted her but did not receive an response, so he went to her house. He rang the bell without getting an answer. He waited 20 minutes and then went back to his car and wrote a note. He returned to the door and hung the note. As he turned to leave he was confronted by two policemen.

He explained what he was doing and gave the officers the note. The officers let him go. When he looked back he saw the officers giving Dr. Lee the note which read:

Vax Honcho Calls Cops On Kirsch

Dr. Lee,

Do you want to see the Israeli safety data? Please let me know yes or no. Lives are at stake. Steve Kirsch 650-xxx-xxxx.

Kirsch figures he did his job and that it’s time for Dr. Lee to do hers.

He recorded the conversation with the police which you can see at the link below.

Vax Honcho Calls Cops On Kirsch

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