Wade McCree Should Be Sued

Wade McCree Should Be SuedCircuit Court Judge Wade McCree in Action

Wayne County, Mich. Circuit Court Judge Wade McCree  had a divorce case before him.  He found the wife attractive, sent her provocative text messages from the bench and eventually had sexual relations with her resulting in a child which was aborted.

McCree, needless to say, came down pretty hard on the husband in his ruling.

Unfortunately for McCree, this and other unjudicial acts came to light and the Michigan Supreme Court suspended him from the bench for six years without pay.

And the husband, Robert King, sued him.

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against King cited the doctrine of judicial immunity for decisions judges make on the bench that stems from the Bradley v Fisher decision handed down by the Supreme Court in 1871.

King’s lawyer, Joel Sklar, is appealing to the Supreme Court.

We hope he wins. It should be obvious that once a person who happens to be a judge reveals himself to be corrupt the protection should end and justice prevail.

Wade McCree Should Be Sued



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  1. “Wade McCree Should Be Sued” Why? Honeybadger don’t care.
    The judge was just doing what comes naturally.

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