Why Sam Rohrer Should Be The Nominee

By Fran Coppock

Sam Rohrer should be the Republican choice to run against incumbent Senator Bob Casey.  Besides having a proving record of supporting the Constitution, he is the only one of the three front-runners who is actually a life-long Republican.

He is also the only one of the five on the primary ballot who is an experienced statesman. Look up his voting record and see how he has voted in his 18 years in the Pennsylvania House. When you hire someone you want experience and honesty. He has both.

 Something else to remember: one of the former Democrats running against him helped finance Joe Sestak in order to get our own Curt Weldon out of Congress. This is the one our Delaware CountyRepublican Party is endorsing. His name is Steve Welch. Don’t be fooled.

 When you go to the polls on April 24 be educated before you vote. We  need someone who is a fiscal conservative in these hard times. We would have that with Sam Rohrer. Look at his voting check list on www.rohrerforsenate.org

Mrs. Coppock is a resident of Thornbury Township in Delaware County

One thought on “Why Sam Rohrer Should Be The Nominee”

  1. The other candidate for Senate is Tom Smith who was a democrat until he decided he wanted to run for the senate seat on the republican ticket. Smith has given to both liberal democrats and conservative republicans. He has a lot of money and as with many, who have great finances, contributions are often given to buy influence.

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