Wolf Mocks Philly Parents

Wolf Mocks Philly Parents
Gov. Tom Wolf mocks Philly parents with his charter school opposition.

Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf, a man bought and paid for by the teachers unions, stripped Bill Green of his chairmanship of the Philadelphia School Reform Commission, Sunday night, March 1. Why? Because Green heard the pleas of Philly parents and allowed for  five new charter schools.

This was in defiance of Wolf and the unions who wanted no new ones.

Of the school district’s, 206,567 pupils, 64,301 now attend charter schools.

There is a waiting list of thousands more that has been estimated at 40,000.

The objection of Wolf and his cronies is that the charter school’s take money from the Philadelphia School District. The answer to this is that the Philadelphia School District prevents parents from sending their children to schools where they won’t be pushed around, threatened, mocked for “acting white” and actually get an education.

When are the residents of Philadelphia going to wake up to the reality that the Democrat Party is anything but their friend?

There is an opportunity here for the Republicans.

Wolf Mocks Philly Parents


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  1. Students in Philadelphia and other crappy schools don’t have a prayer with the teachers’ union running the show. What’s really sad is the good school district teachers all fall in “lockstep” like a bunch of crazed Nazis.

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