Whoever Wishes To Be Great

Whoever Wishes To Be Great — Blessed is he who, dwelling, amidst many people, does not turn towards the many, but directs his whole heart to God. Blessed is he who purchases Christ with all his belongings and has, as his only possession, the cross, which he raises on high. Blessed is he who administering his legal possessions extends God’s hand to those who are in need.

Blessed is he who, having authority over the people, by holy and great sacrifices brings Christ to earthly folk Blessed is the one who being a child of the flock, a most perfect nursling, keeps the place of the heavenly Christ.

Blessed is he who, by his pure mind’s forceful movements, beholds the brilliance of the heavenly lights. Blessed is he who honors the Lord by much-toiling hands: and, for many people, this the law of life. All these things fill up the heavenly receptacles in which are stored the fruit of our souls, while every individual virtue leads to a different place. For many are the mansiions pertaining to different lives.

Blessed is he, whom the might Spirit has shown to be poor in passions, whoever leads a life of repentance; who can never get his fill of celestial food; who, by kindness, becomes inheritor of great things; who, by bowels of mercy, draws down God’s great compassion, being a friend of peace and pure in heart; who for the sake of the renowned Christ, has endured many sufferings, and will find great honor. Keep to the way of these people, whichever you prefer.

St. Gregory the Theologian

Courtesy of Holy Myrrh-Bearers Church of Swarthmore.

Whoever Wishes To Be Great
Whoever Wishes To Be Great

William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 3-26-17

Political history of modern nations William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 3-26-23

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political history of modern nationsAnswer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle:┬áIf you want to study the social and political history of modern nations, study hell.
Thomas Merton

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