State Trying To Figure Out How To Spend Even More

Act 3 of 2013 — The Special Education Funding Commission recently held a hearing in Bucks County to discuss the costs of educating students with special needs in Pennsylvania, said State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129).

The commission, formed as a result of Act 3 of 2013, is made up of appointed House and Senate members, the secretaries of Education and Budget, and the deputy secretary for elementary and special education. It has been tasked with developing a new formula for distributing state funding for special education to Pennsylvania school districts.

Currently, funding is distributed based on an estimate that special education students make up 16 percent of the overall student population in each school district. This formula does not take into account a growing number of schools with greater special education funding needs, nor does it account for those schools with fewer needs.

The commission has until fall to recommend a new funding formula to more effectively pay for special education throughout the state.

Act 3 of 2013

Act 3 of 2013

2 thoughts on “State Trying To Figure Out How To Spend Even More”

  1. Worrisome that just about 1 in 6 kids has “special” needs. What does that portend for the future?

  2. The idea is to pluck as many feathers as possible until it dawns on most that extra spending for “special needs” is a scam — every child has special needs after all — and that the most develop the courage to shout out against the con artists pushing this stuff.

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