Advil Users Risk Kidney Damage

Advil Users Risk Kidney Damage — If you routinely use medications like Ibuprofen (Advil) and Naproxen (Aleve), be aware that you risk kidney damage.

Here’s the warning from our federal health authorities.

Our preference for pain control is aspirin but as one wise person puts it If you have chronic pain, try to find the cure rather than manage the symptoms

Regardless it may be wise to chill on the Advil and leave Aleve in the sleeve.

Advil Users Risk Kidney Damage

One thought on “Advil Users Risk Kidney Damage”

  1. All the Doctors when we had real smart doctors you could mostly trust back in the 1980’s in the emergency ward I worked in told us that as these drugs came out even like Tylenol even. Now the newly trained Doctors seem to just order expensive tests, then write prescription to sell these big rich pharmas drugs, now all kinds of new ones that I no longer know and am allergic or intolerant to all the ones I have tried but can still take aspirin so far.

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