Alaska Favorite Football Team Is Rams

Alaska Favorite Football Team Is Rams

Dick’s Sporting Goods ranks each state’s favorite football team by the jerseys it sells. According to this,  as if week 3 in the season, the most popular team in Pennsylvania is The Steelers, who are also most beloved in Arkansas.  Eagle fans can take solace in that their team is the most popular in Delaware.

In New York State, believe it or not, it is the Buffalo Bills. The Giants, though, win in New Jersey. Home field advantage there it seems.

There are strange incongruities. The favorite team in the District of Columbia is not The Redskins but the Atlanta Falcons. The Skins, however, rule in Virginia. And Nebraska.

The Rams are shut out of their home state of Missouri by The Chiefs, who also dominate neighboring Kansas.

However, they can take very cold comfort in that their jerseys sell the best in Alaska.

Alaska Favorite Football Team Is Rams

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