Alex Rahn Tries To Stay Relevant

Alex Rahn Tries To Stay Relevant — Val Voldemort may be in exile but his Death Eaters aren’t sleeping.

Consider this story about what they tried to do to Kevin Runey of Avon Grove.

Alex Rahn Tries To Stay Relevant

Runey threw his hat in the ring against Andy Dinniman, the Democrat who has represented the 19th District in the Pennsylvania Senate since 2006. No one else was willing but Runey is a tenacious guy who thought the seat should not go unchallenged on principle and figured he’d have a chance to win if he worked hard enough.

Runey got the Chesco GOP endorsement.

Then Dinniman announced in early February he would not seek re-election.

Val disciple Alex Rahn saw an opportunity to return to relevance and began circulating petitions for Amber Little-Turner, who failed to win the 74th District State House which covers the Coatesville area in 2018, and who lost a bid last November to become Chester County recorder of deeds.

Amber is black and a female; and Sen. Jay Corman (R-34), who is Majority Leader in the Pennsylvania Senate, thought he could go woke by tapping her. Alex got the job of doing the grunt work.

The best laid plans of mice fail. The petitions were submitted but then withdrawn at the last minute, which is rather unusual.

People are getting sick of identity politics. It is becoming well understood that those who practice it are far more interested in schemes to milk the public cow than to help the community of whatever shade of skin.

And Rob Brooks, were you helping Alex? We heard you were.

Alex Rahn Tries To Stay Relevant

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  1. The south east appears to be plagued with identity politics. The left plays that game it causes division why do republicans follow suit?

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