Alex Rahn Likes Dems Too

Alex Rahn Likes Dems TooAlex Rahn Likes Dems Too — We reported, yesterday, that Republican-controlled Chester County’s new $86,470 per year director of voter services has been a strong supporter of liberal Democrats.

What we missed, though, is that Kara Rahn’s husband, the GOP chairman for Area 1, had also been giving to the Ds as well. It’s because William Alex Rahn wrote the checks with his rarely used first name.

Why does someone use different names to make political donations? Rahn has made donations as “William A. Rahn Jr.” “William Rahn” and as “Alex Rahn.” And why would someone sympathetic to Democrat causes become a Republican Party leader? And why would those whom he is leading tolerate it?

Anyway, under the name Alex, Rahn donated $3,100 to Citizens for Arlen Specter in 2010 after Specter crossed to the other side of the aisle. Under the name William, Rahn that same year gave $2,400 to Sestak for Senate.

You really must not like Pat Toomey, Alex. Or is it William? You know Toomey’s running for re-election this year, right? You think you can back him this time?

As Willliam, Rahn chipped in $1,880 in 2012 for the campaign of Democrat New Jersey Congressman Rob Andrews.

Since then he’s been a party boy, giving $250 to Congressman Pat Meehan’s campaign in 2014 as William — seriously cheap William — and $1,000 to Congressman Ryan Costello as Alex.

Costello is no Rob Andrews it seems.

Rahn also that year as William kicked in a grand for embattled, scandal-plagued RINO Congressman Bill Shuster on the other side of the state.

He has no donations recorded as of yet for 2016 under either name.

Rahn is reputed to be the mastermind behind the purge attempt of Republican grassroots activists from the Chester County GOP.

Which gets us to the latest. A hearing date for the planned purging of four “for the people” Area 19 committeepeople — including Chairwoman Jane Ladley — by the Lobby Lobby that controls West Chester now seems solid.

It will be 7 p.m., Feb. 11 at county Republican headquarters, 15 S. Church St. West Chester, Pa. 19382.

Alex Rahn Likes Dems Too

4 thoughts on “Alex Rahn Likes Dems Too”

  1. My brief Google search finds him to be a contributor to Meehan, Gerlach, Costello, Bill Shuster, Toomey and even ol’ Curt Weldon at the federal level. There’s some support in there for Fred Upton, a MI Republican who chairs a House committee down in DC. (more importantly, Mr. Upton has a niece, Kate, who has, uh, made a name for herself…)

    Honest question Bill — how does the reporting process work? Is it possible that different campaigns simply record his contributions different ways? Maybe it’s not a huge conspiracy after all?

    1. Sir,

      Campaigns report things as someone puts them in. I am not saying that a campaign can’t make a mistake but I would venture that is a real long shot. You write “Alex,” they report “Alex,” you write “William” they report “William.”

      But even more important than that, you found a bunch of Republican contributions (including Kate Upton’s uncle, good catch) and that’s nice for someone who claims to be a Republican leader. But how about all those big-money contributions to Democrats (including Arlen Specter during his time as a Dem.), liberal Rob Andrews, and uber-liberal Joe Sestak?

      Take the “conspiracy” out of it, why does someone who claims to be a Republican leader give big money to very liberal Democrats? We know why.

  2. Hey Bill, love it. By the way Willalex Rahn is behind the purge of real Republicans. The Harrisburg data base shows Alex Rahn is Chairman of the United Republicans of Chester County group that came after a lot of good Republican committee people a couple of years ago. You had a letter up from one of them. I wouldn’t call him a mastermind though because he lost almost every one of those. Could be that William is the mastermind and Alex just not so good.

    Keep it up friend!!

  3. Is Val DiGiorgio so stupid that he will let himself be used by a Democrat operative? What a great plan to get a democrat in at the highest republican levels and put him in charge of challenging the conservatives in the party and running them out. Or is the plan to make easy money for themselves and get political jobs for their wives?
    Either way it really stinks.

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