Alex Rahn Wanner Associates And Their Clients

Alex Rahn Wanner Associates And Their ClientsAlex Rahn Wanner Associates And Their Clients — As the onion unpeels in Chester County answers are revealed to questions that have long puzzled those in the “my-burden-is-hard-please-don’t-add-to-it” constituency as to why with our crushing government debt incomprehensibly bizarre spending choices are made.

For instance, giving millions in subsidies to rich horse owners.

And this seemingly drunken spending happens just as often when Republican voters give political power to those who campaign against such things.

Republicans controlled all branches of Pennsylvania government between 2011 and 2015. Why does Planned Parenthood still get money? Where is the desperately needed pension reform? Why do rich horse owners get millions from taxpayers?

Well, as noted the answers are being revealed.

Chester County remains a Republican stronghold and most of its voters can still be said to fall into the social conservative AND fiscal conservative categories. Val DiGiorgio, the man running the county GOP, however, as noted earlier, appears to have a close relationship with those running extreme-liberal Democrat stronghold Montgomery County.

His right-hand man Alex Rahn,  as also noted, has a wife who gives big to liberal Democrat causes.

Now, some might argue that this is not Saudi Arabia and one can’t control what one’s wife does and they’d be right.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they have to get her a county job either.

But enough about spouses as that is just the gravy and not the meat.

Alex Rahn Wanner Associates And Their Clients
Val DiGiorgio’s client list. Click to enlarge.

DiGiorgio is a registered lobbyist whose clients include well-loved and friendly Comcast and the Delaware River Waterfront Corp. started by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter in 2009.

Rahn is the Chesco GOP Area 1 chairman who is/was the reputed mastermind behind the purge attempt of Chesco committeepeople who don’t have their minds right. He is  a senior associate/lobbyist with Wanner Associates, a major Harrisburg lobbying firm. Their client list includes Standardbred Breeders Association of Pa., and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, a huge opponent of pension reform.

Residents of Area 1, ask yourself does Rahn’s interests lie in making you happy or his clients? It’s a fair question. Residents of Chester County, ask yourself if Val DiGiorgio is more likely to address your concerns or those of Philadelphia or Comcast? And who is more likely to have their phone call taken seriously by a legislator, you or DiGiorgio?

Now everybody, ask yourselves why the-powers-that-be always push for bonds and tax hikes to resolve fiscal problems rather than commonsense spending efficiency that might mean less income to the government-connected but more income for you?

Alex Rahn Wanner Associates And Their Clients

4 thoughts on “Alex Rahn Wanner Associates And Their Clients”

  1. I wish I could say I am surprised.

    I guess the dirty little secret is that the Chesco GOP “leadership” has a lot to gain personally from their political participation. I am sure that the people would be better served if their party’s officials were in it only to help their neighbors get good and efficient government. It seems that may be way down on the list –after their spouses having government jobs and the groups they lobby for getting the right “treatment.”

    1. You are right! It’s a shame the constituents are an after thought to their agenda. Most voters follow like sheep to the slaughter and don’t understand that their ignorance is their demise. Anyone who questions there is a “circular firing squad” needs to look at the enemies within.

  2. “we the people” are extremely “underserved”. “We the people” need to stand up and back/elect people who put God first. And “we the people” could run for office to help our families and neighbors!!

  3. Leader Val and his minions are all just part of a big club meant to retain power. Cue George Carlin, the American Dream.

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