America Under Attack, Not Just Trump

America Under Attack, Not Just Trump — A certain type of traditional Republican voter has feelings towards President Trump so emotionally driven reasoned discussion almost seems impossible.

America Under Attack, Not Just Trump
Man for the moment

Still, we will try.

President Trump in his time in office has removed us from the Paris Climate scam — you get that not only did this cripple our industry and strengthen China but required the US to pay for energy projects overseas, right?; destroyed “JV team” ISIS as a holder of territory; pushed for pipelines, opened ANWR for drilling; cut the Federal Register, the official journal of federal agency rules, to its lowest size in 25 years; and flipped the 2nd, 3rd and 11th Circuit Courts from radical progressive to quasi-sane, and may have done the same to even more extreme 9th Circuit; and quieted Iran by killing its top general.

He also was the first president since Reagan to stand up to China, which has imperial and totalitarian ambitions.

You really think the impeachment hoax concerned something Trump did wrong?

You really think the disturbances in our streets still have something to do with George Floyd?

It’s not just the President under attack, but all of us.

FWIW, searching for John Solomon will not lead you to his website, Just The News. You can find it here. Bookmark it and share it. This morning’s (June 23) lead story is Fired NY prosecutor was given Biden-Ukraine allegations in 2018 but didn’t follow up, emails show. It kind of gives you a new perspective as to what is going on.

America Under Attack, Not Just Trump

2 thoughts on “America Under Attack, Not Just Trump”

  1. I am a Canadian who sees your President as a hero, I knew what Hilary would have done to the USA, but had no idea about Pres. Trump, and he has turned out to be the best man ever for my favorite country, the USA ,other than what Canada was before our massively destructive unethical UN puppet Trudeau and his gangs of deceivers supported by your Obama’s, Clinton’s and other UN supporters for their Utopia one world dictatorship for the richest alone, possibly death or slavery for the rest of us working slobs, trying to have a comfortable life, etc…

    Please keep the GREAT MAGA President Trump, and thank you USA!

    1. Hi, Nancy,
      Your comments help me keep things in perspective. Thank you!

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