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Another Provocateur of Thought

Behold, there appears to be another lamplighter on the horizon.  His forthcoming brilliance will be uniformly measured by a fed up public viewership/readership brought about by other media luminaries.  In the short span of twenty-four hours, this local provocateur has produced a lengthy anti-Santorum discourse which he no doubt has been waiting to vent.

Chris Freind authored an essay which left little doubt as to his political sentiments.   Labeling  his treatise as anti-Santorum just doesn’t quite do it or him justice.  Within one day of Santorum’s rise in Iowa, Freind spouts forth a diatribe from an inconsequential funeral appearance which he then determines is an example of Santorum’s “arrogance,” as he briskly by passed the line of mourners waiting to pay their respects.   Astounding, as to his recall of what obviously occurred so long ago.  This writing was deemed so pertinent and accurate that it was immediately published by a local paper.  Such attention is indicative against any and all who may present a challenge to Obama,  and in itself, has drawn the public’s attention and mounting ridicule.

Freind is not alone with his venomous journalistic attack.  He is arm in arm with many well known thought provocateurs.  For too long, these semi/self anointed opinion “experts” have ruled the day.  Not any longer since the 2010 midterms seemed to impart a second giant step for man and womenkind.  The army of thought soldiers, whether from a televised format or the written dailies, began to lose their public following as one by one they showed their hidden designs.  This desertion continues as alternate sources, such as this venue, now attract the frustrated and curious.

This election year will no doubt  continue with the character assassinations of Republican candidates.  Since the press is a liberal industry, this one sided assault is now understood and expected.  However, with this recognition, a hardened insulation begins to form.  As a result,  the yesterdays of effectiveness from these provocateurs lessen.

Emerging from the mid terms, certain insiders of thought became identified as many challengers presented threats to their established order.  This necessity, from an emerging Tea Party influx, not only uncovered what is now termed a RINO presence, it laid bare for all to see just how manipulative the speak masters had become.

To quote Freind, “true leaders actually lead because they are following a vision.”  While I have problems with the word “vision,” in the context with leadership which I’ve witnessed, I also understand that good and bad “visions” exist.  Maybe this literary wannabe should devote as much effort with evaluating Obama’s personal “vision,” which is sadly on display.

In the final Republican primary cut, I am sure that the selection will not be without faults, which the opposition will gleefully detail.  However, where were these primary investigations and spinning provocateurs during the 2008 Presidential race?  I guess Obama never caught their inquisitive nature by jumping in front of a funeral line.

Jim Bowman, Author of
This Roar of Ours

3 thoughts on “Another Provocateur of Thought”

  1. Nice observations,Jim, and sadly so true.
    Well, as my mom used to say”what’s done is done”.Now that we have clearly seen the vision(nightmare) of Obama, we who are awake must do our best to elect anyone who can defeat him. Anyone(except Hillary) is better than Obama IMO

  2. I would vote for Hillary over Obama.

    Of course, that’s not saying much since I’d vote for a blue-painted lawn gnome over Hillary.

  3. Bravo, Jim! Couldn’t agree more plus I’m really getting sick of all these conservative columnists and TV pundits and their circular firing squad. If the subject is arrogance, the pot is calling the kettle black.

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