Antoinette O’Brien R.I.P.

Antoinette O'Brien R.I.P.Antoinette O’Brien died Aug. 27. She was 96 and grew up at the Dante School and Orphanage in Concord, Pa.

As a girl, she was close to Dr. Horace Hillborn Darlington of the prominent Darlington family, said Mrs. O’Brien’s daughter Lorraine Moretti.

Dr. Darlington was the physician for the children at the school and had also donated the land for the Concord Fire Co.

During World War II, Mrs. O’Brien served as a WAC.

She will be buried 12:10 p.m., tomorrow, Aug. 30 at Beverly Veterans Cemetery in New Jersey with graveside military honors.

Antoinette O’Brien R.I.P.


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