Apple Hypocrisy Saudi Expansion

Apple Hypocrisy Saudi Expansion
Hipster = Hypocrite

Apple CEO Tim Cook has called for a boycott of Indiana because of the state’s new religious freedom law which prevents business-owners from being compelled to participate in activities that violate their religious principles.

Meanwhile, as, notes, the company is expanding its presence in Saudi Arabia.

Hypocrisy and hipster have more in common that just merely starting with H.

In a related matter rich, white, middle-age male MSNBC 1% Ed Schultz was so flummoxed  by Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson’s reasonable explanation of the law  that he cut off his mic.

Schultz was calmly corrected by Anderson on numerous points when he tried to claim the law was something it was not.

As it is highly unlikely you saw it we will post it for you.

Hat tip National Review




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