Sestak Living Wage April Fool

Sestak Living Wage April Fool
Joe says if a dog can live on $1.78 per hour so can my staffers.

Sy Snyder of PoliticsPa.Com has a story about Sestak for Senate’s fine young staffer Jason Turner who just sent out a ghostwritten yarn for the Admiral about how the minimum wage must be raised.

“How can we expect anyone to live on $7.25 per hour?” asked Jason.

Jason is being paid $448.50 ever two weeks, reports Snyder, which comes out to $1.78 per hour.

Hey Jason, it’s April Fool’s Day. Joe is just goofing with you about you getting a raise.

Sestak Living Wage April Fool

2 thoughts on “Sestak Living Wage April Fool”

  1. Hey Jason, let Joe eat the puppy. He can take it for a walk across Pennsylvania and then spit it out,

  2. Universal Dog can keep your vet and you older dogs…you will have to learn what’s in the law after its passed! Just Trust Me.

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