Atheists Support Jeffrey Epstein

Atheists Support Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein. His atheist friends are standing by him.

Rutgers University biologist Robert Trivers has come out in support of Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein is the notorious uber-rich Democrat donor and friend of Bill Clinton who ducked serious child molestation charges in 2008 after pleading guilty to a single instance of prostitution but is now in the limelight after a woman has accused him of forcing her as a teenager to have sex with Prince Andrew and others.

“By the time they’re 14 or 15, they’re like grown women were 60 years ago, so I don’t see these acts as so heinous,” Trivers told Reuters news agency.

Trivers received $40,000 from Epstein to study the link between knee symmetry and sprinting ability.

Arizona State University physicist Lawrence Krauss also is standing by Epstein.

“His interest is in interesting people,” he said.

Trivers and Krauss are  outspoken atheist activists.

Epstein served 25 months ending in June 2010, much of it under house arrest.

Atheists Support Jeffrey Epstein

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3 thoughts on “Atheists Support Jeffrey Epstein”

  1. Of anti JESUS tomorrow people taking money from a wicked man with justify his evil ways. The same men will condemn Christians who seek to leave people to Jesus Christ away from such Wicked Men.

    being an atheist is truly a path of twisted logic and dark confusion is evidence by these men’s justification of such atrocities.

    These men should be rebuked and fired for their evil.

  2. Allow me to clarify my thoughts as voice to text did not work. the fact that these men are justifying with this man did is evidence that atheism is not a path of righteousness and goodness and care for the welfare of others even the most weakest and innocent among us.

    these wicked men use and manipulate people for their own personal deviant lust.

    They have no concern for God or his creation they have no heart they truly are heartless as evidenced by the fact that they took money from this man and that is the reason why the excuse away his evil behavior.

  3. These Athiestic Liberal universities will condone any sort of mischief . How the West has fallen into an abyss of immorality and downright evil.

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