Babies Kept Alive To Harvest Organs

Babies Kept Alive To Harvest Organs — The wonderful Laura Ingraham, yesterday, Feb. 12, posted on Twitter a link to a 2015 Washington Times story about how Planned Parenthood keeps aborted babies alive to harvest organs.

Babies Kept Alive To Harvest Organs

Which they of course sell.

And now it makes clear the push for legal infanticide.

There are people who have positions of power and influence in our country who are no different than Nazis.

The sickness and evil that is being revealed makes one numb.

Planned Parenthood is an organization with about $1.4 billion in revenue with more than $500 million coming from tax dollars.

Planned Parenthood and affiliated organizations donated $30 million to the Democrat Party in 2018.

Someone explain how exactly is it acceptable for a organization that gets a half-billion in tax money be allowed to make political donations.

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