Bathroom Bill Headache For Wagner

Bathroom Bill Headache For Wagner

By Carla D’Addesi

A simmering issue is heating up in Pennsylvania’s Gubernatorial Primary to be decided on May 15. Confusing campaign ads and ambiguous language are hiding the truth causing Pennsylvania to appear to be another corrupt swamp in need of draining!

The emerging battle has divided Conservatives and is challenging the paradigm of the Republican Party, turning them against the PA GOP itself!

Let’s simplify the situation for voters.

Current PA Governor, (D) Tom Wolf will be challenged in November by one of three  Republican primary candidates: Laura Ellsworth,  Paul Mango, or  State Senator Scott Wagner.

The divisive issue has to do with the “Bathroom Bill” otherwise known as the PA Fairness Act. Though the “Fairness Act” has a pleasant ring to it, the controversy lies within the ambiguous wording of proposed Senate Bill 974, which seeks to add “gender identity & expression and sexual orientation” to Pennsylvania’s Human Relations Act.

The confusion arises because the language in the Bathroom Bill doesn’t actually include the word “bathroom” but instead says “Public Accommodations.”

The new law would state:

State law prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, sex, ethnicity, age, religion, and handicap, among other characteristics, in the areas of employment, housing, and public accommodations.

Public accommodations are places that provide goods and services such as restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, and public schools.

If sexual orientation and gender identity were added to the anti-discrimination law, which is co-sponsored by Scott Wagner in SB 974, then public accommodations could NOT exclude transgender people from the restrooms that correspond to their gender identity!

What does that mean to your children, their schools and their safety?

Biological males and females will have the right to access bathrooms, locker rooms and showers of the opposite sex!

Biological boys who believe they have a girl’s brain, and are trapped in a boy’s body, will be allowed full access to all girl’s bathrooms, locker rooms and showers.

Biological girls who believe they have a boy’s brain, and are trapped in a boy’s body, will be allowed access to all boy’s bathrooms, locker rooms and showers.

Men who “feel” like women will be permitted to waltz into the women’s locker rooms of the YMCA where my daughters are changing for their swim classes.

My unwillingness to share my locker rooms with men isn’t a matter of mere discomfort. It’s a matter of safety.

Women don’t fear transgenders in the spaces; they fear men in their spaces. How can we distinguish between a transwoman and a predator until it’s too late?

Ironically, women’s shelters, places often sought to escape dangerous men, would be forced to admit men who “feel” like women. According to research published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as many as 57 percent of the women in shelters report domestic violence as the primary cause of their homelessness. What does it look like when those men are allowed to claim female “gender identity” and follow them in?

Paul Mango, vows to veto any “bathroom bill” legislation that violates privacy for bathrooms and public facilities, ensuring women & children our privacy, safety and protection of religious liberties.

True Conservatives in Pennsylvania plan to elect Paul Mango.

Carla D’Addesi is a well-respected author and vlogger who has appeared on Fox & Friends, OANN and CBN. She hosts ‘Your Family Matters’  which runs 7-8 a.m., Fridays  1180WFYL. She can followed on Twitter at @CarlaDaddesi and found on Facebook here.

Bathroom Bill Headache For Wagner

Bathroom Bill Headache For Wagner

8 thoughts on “Bathroom Bill Headache For Wagner”

  1. I am an ultraconservative who is a Republican Committeeman, a member of my County GOP Committee, and Coordinator of my local Tea Party Patriots. I have been going door-to-door and have yet to meet anyone who even mentions this issue. The only people talking about it are you Mangomaniacs. File this article under ‘Fake News’.

    1. Dan, just because no one has mentioned it to you, does not make it fake news.

      What part of the article above is false? What detail has the author suppressed, to direct the reader to a specific conclusion?

      Just because it seems to be a non-issue to people you have spoken to, does not make it “fake news”.

      1. I know several people who will not even support Wagner in the general if he should win the primary because of these bills.

        FWIW, I’ll back Wagner if he is the primary winner but his support for these bills has not helped him.

        1. Yeah, that’s pretty much where I am, too, Bill. I like Wagner on fiscal policy, but his support for that bill has me scratching my head.

  2. We know Wagner sponsored the bill, and Mango has stated he will veto it, if he is elected governor and it reaches his desk. Where does the other candidate, Ellsworth, stand on this question?

  3. Carla, a point not mentioned is that the bills would let boys calling themselves girls access to girl sports in high school and women sports in college.

    This is very unfair and could be dangerous.

  4. Pa. public accommodations include bathhouses and swimming pools. What could possibly go wrong by adding gender identity and expression to our current list of protected classes? Since when are laws based on who a person thinks they are in their head Mr. Mosel? Just like any other proposed law, if you sit down with the average voter and talk about the consequences, you will get a different reaction. Remember OBAMACARE? Remember the teaparty warning of the dangers. The teaparty is was supposed to be about smaller limited gov’t, not defending bills and supporters of those bills which expand laws to protect those who think they are somebody they are not. This is pushing the left’s agenda.

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