Ben Shapiro Beats Up Fetterman

Ben Shapiro Beats Up Fetterman — Ben Shapiro has released the below video regarding Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s race to replace Pat Toomey as senator from Pennsylvania.

Fetterman is a neo-feudalist tool running as a Democrat.

Shapiro hits some false notes but illustrates that Fetterman’s racist 2013 shotgun apprehension of a black jogger could have had the same end as the Ahmaud Arbery incident but for fate.

Further Shapiro notes that Fetterman never held a significant private sector job in his life; routinely sought release of violent criminals as head of the state’s Board of Pardons, which is one of the jobs held as lieutenant governor; and wants to release a third of Pennsylvania’s convicted prisoners.

Shapiro’s mocking of Fetterman’s looks should not have happened. He compares him to Peter Boyle in Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein, which is especially hurtful considering that Fetterman’s stroke gives him difficulty communicating.

The meat, however, is there and if Pennsylvanians want safe streets and sane prices, they should be willing to walk over coals to vote for Republican Mehmet Oz rather than this guy.

Here is the video:

Ben Shapiro Beats Up Fetterman
Laws for thee but not for me
Ben Shapiro Beats Up Fetterman

2 thoughts on “Ben Shapiro Beats Up Fetterman”

  1. Fetterman reminds me of Lurch. I’ve been saying that well before he ignored his doctors advice and stroked out. Levine in that atrocious wig looks a bit like Cousin It. It’s a real cast of characters with these people.

    Honestly I’m not concerned about sparing people’s feelings at this point. Especially the people who think MY existence is somehow a threat to the planet and THEIR existence.

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