Biden Violates Take Care Clause

Biden Violates Take Care Clause

By Joe Guzzardi

Finally! Vice President Kamala Harris, during a recent interview, said that the effects of the Biden administration’s border policy won’t be realized “overnight.” Let’s calculate just how accurate Harris is. Between now and January 2024, and using 2021 when 2 million aliens crossed into the United States as a model, the Biden administration will likely allow 8 million illegal immigrants to unlawfully enter and settle in the U.S. The “effect” on local communities, schools, transportation and hospitals will be incalculable.

The 2 million total excludes what border agents refer to as “gotaways,” individuals who evaded Border Patrol capture and now roam the interior freely. Once inside the U.S., they may or may not be found, or eventually deported.

One example is Geraldo Pando, a multiple-times deportee with a 35-page criminal history that includes felonies committed in Colorado. He was arrested for vandalizing the U.S. Capitol Police headquarters and released. A week later he was defacing Washington’s Union Station with swastikas. The Biden administration’s soft-on-crime policy and tolerance of unlawful immigration prevented Immigration and Customs Enforcement from processing Pando for deportation.

Official ICE statistics prove how passive the Biden administration is about deporting criminals. During 2021, according to a preliminary ICE release, only 55,590 immigration violators were removed. For comparison, deportations totaled 267,258 in FY 2019; under Biden, ICE removals have decreased by nearly 80 percent. Moreover, the first four months of FY 2021 occurred during the Trump presidency – a period when ICE removals were significantly higher. Approximately 28,000 of the FY 2021 removals of the 55,590 occurred while President Trump was still in office.

In the meantime, the worst criminal elements are laughing at the U.S. for its willingness to open its borders and to allow and encourage felonious behavior, including some U.S. citizen-perpetrated, that reaps billions in illicit cash. Wrong-doers, aware of the fortunes that can be gained through drug and human trafficking, devise increasingly clever schemes to smuggle aliens. Benign looking vehicles are the method of choice. Last year near the Texas border, agents seized a white ice cream truck with its flavors and Frito Pie advertised on the side. Inside, agents found 15 illegal immigrants, and two American citizens stacked on top of each other. Then in mid-February, agents found a child daycare van loaded with more than 20 Guatemalans. Agents also apprehended two aliens who had child sex offenses on their records and MS-13 gang members.

Nearly nonexistent enforcement and specifically the passivity of Biden, Harris and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have created a nation-altering crisis. Mayorkas acknowledged that he’s allowed border chaos to fester. In an audio recording which agents taped during their January meeting with Mayorkas at the Yuma Sector, the secretary said that his job has grown increasingly difficult at the start of this year, more so than 2021, which he admitted was “very, very difficult.” Mayorkas added that with worldwide migrants surging the border, he expects no pause in alien crossings. In fact, warmer spring weather could exacerbate border agents’ overload.

Border agents don’t want to hear Mayorkas confess to his poor performance; they’re abundantly aware of his multiple failures. The agents hoped for, but didn’t get, his pledge to allow them to return to their duties – protecting the homeland, not processing family units for release into the interior.

Biden hasn’t so much as hinted at a course change that might deviate from his administration’s repeated federal immigration law violations and its dismissal of the Constitution’s Take Care Clause, which means the President has a duty to ensure that U.S. laws are faithfully executed. The president’s sworn duty is to make sure that those around him faithfully execute the nation’s laws, a responsibility that Mayorkas has blatantly shirked.

A PFIR analyst, Joe Guzzardi writes about immigration issues and impacts. Contact him at and

Biden Violates Take Care Clause

Biden Violates Take Care Clause

One thought on “Biden Violates Take Care Clause”

  1. Well since the UN and Scwhab’s WEF have taken over our governments of once free countries without our permissions, we need to take them back, somehow. If we all move largely against their illegal breaking of our laws and hope the police and military sees they would be fighting against us and our countries destruction we could win. As we just saw disgustingly done in Canada our brutal antifa police just horribly took down our heroes peacefully trying to regain Freedom, but many police and our vets. were disgusted by how these questionable police brutally, illegally while laughing attacked them beatings and trampling’s occurred in Ottawa amongst all their denials and lies and hiding of any truth with their placed gestapo and one swastika flag carrying man, chased out by real Canadian heroes our great truckers truckers, with so many etc. on this. Although Trudope finally came out of hiding again to force the war measures act or emergency act illegally after the blockades at the borders had already had peacefully stopped, and trudope never once talked to our truckers but his paid violent groups BLM and antifa he talked to kneel ed to their looting and violence, and though he said he would stop the emergencies act even now the truckers leaders are imprisoned without bail on charges of mischief and inciting mischief ? But even today 39 trucking companies had been closed and all their licenses and bank credit removed. and more than a million real Canadian supporters of the freedom convoy are still having their finances frozen even if they just donated 20 dollars so their still attempting to kill (cannot now have a home or feed their families or have a job) Canadians just wanting freedom, so another bunch of lies in the media. the emergencies act is still going on against free speech and peaceful protest ? and how can we help them against a CCP’s UN, puppet government not Canadian. They are violent, and if as we are seeing our law is no longer there is only one thing left to do and we better get going fast and be well organized. This is why the CCP’s UN and the globalists want the Ukraine war to be WW3 as they are ready to take their last steps once we are broken? IMO at present.

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