Bill Clinton Yacht Rape Update

Bill Clinton Yacht Rape Update — Michael “Thomas Paine” Moore’s Philly-based has an update concerning the allegation that former President Bill Clinton raped a young boy on a yacht in New England in the 20-oughts.

This is what Journalist Jen Moore was investigating when she unexpectedly died in a D.C. area motel in August 2018.

Moore says the FBI is now involved and has interviewed the now adult. TruePundit has video of part of the interview here.

Michael Moore says the FBI is treating him as a victim.

“The interview was conducted by the FBI’s task force that was established to investigate sexual assault and sex trafficking claims linked to Jeffrey Epstein and his associates,” Moore wrote. “That task force, also attached to the NYPD, remains active even though Epstein reportedly committed suicide in federal custody just weeks ago.”

The now adult says the rape occurred when he was eight and other children were raped with him.

Again, check the link but have a strong stomach. also has another story that is obviously not being reported by the establishment media, namely that the feds are investigating reports that Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA28) — the piece of garbage leading the coup attempt against President Trump — participated in parties at the mansion of Ed Buck, the California Democrat powerbroker who allegedly drugged, raped and overdosed young black men.

Schiff reportedly attended these parties at the Buck manse dressed as an Egyptian.

Clinton Yacht Rape Update
Adam Schiff,Ed Buck And Eric Bauman. Bauman chaired the California Democrat Party before he was forced to step down a year ago after several allegations of sexual assault and harassment by men.
Clinton Yacht Rape Update

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