Bob Guzzardi Statement

Since Gov. Corbett has for some strange reason been flooding the airwaves with advertising this primary season, we figured we bring you this statement by his opponent.


Bob Guzzardi

By Bob Guzzardi

The Republican establishment during the three years that it has controlled Harrisburg has pursued polices that will raise the annual tax burden by close to $1,000  for many Pennsylvanians by 2018— at least those who own homes and have jobs.

If this angers you, if this sickens you, if this makes you feel betrayed vote for me on May 20.

I am running to be the Republican nominee for governor against incumbent Tom Corbett.

I will not implement the Corbett gas tax

I will move to sell the liquor stores.

I will fight to ban school strikes and other things that cause unnecessary increases to your property tax.

I will stop Common Core.

I will not sign any union contract that contains automatic forced union dues deductions.

I will not sign any budget that spends more this year than last and I will gore the special interest spending oxen to protect The Forgotten Taxpayer.

Tom Corbett cannot win in November. I can.


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