Brunel Hanged Like Epstein But In A Paris Prison

Brunel Hanged Like Epstein But In A Paris Prison — Jean-Luc Brunel, the French fashion power whose MC2 Model Management agency was funded by Jeffrey Epstein, was found hanged in his Paris prison cell, last night, Feb. 18.

Brunel was facing charges of rape and sexual assault, and was being investigated for human trafficking.

Brunel Hanged Like Epstein But In A Paris Prison
The late Jean-Luc Brunel

His victims included three 12-year-old sisters and Virginia Giuffre, who just four days ago (Feb. 15) settled a sex abuse lawsuit with Prince Andrew for a reported $12 million.

What a crazy coincidence that Brunel would die the same way Epstein did.

Actually, it’s not such a coincidence and don’t expect us to buy that they were suicides.

Something real sick is going on in the world.

We think — and hope and pray — that there are good wizards fighting the warlocks.

Whatever did happen to Ray Gricar anyway?

Watch your neck, Peter Nygard.

Brunel Like Epstein But In A Paris Prison

3 thoughts on “Brunel Hanged Like Epstein But In A Paris Prison”

  1. Fix is in, and what happened to the little black book with all the names? Best guess it’s in a locked room at the FBI, sitting on top of the Hunter laptop. Sign on door says: “Where truth goes to die!”

  2. If you are watching what is going on in Canada right now, you would understand fully how sick are the worlds greedy. First their planned demic and forced experimental shots. Now they are trampling with horses in riot gear right over peaceful unarmed freedom Heroes old people, children, and strong peaceful men and women. Canada is gone, the antifa?brownshirts ? NON Canadian police? attempted murders and arrests. These nasty greedy globalists and their and the CCP”s UN WEF zealots have put Canada down. They stole their finances, their homes, their careers, their children, even their pets and any one who supported them will suffer the same. We have not had a legal Canadian government since PM S. Harper, but he had the same fate as Pres. Trump.
    These greedy ultra rich thieves will take no prisoners and no one will later be able to speack against them, they no longer need the Epstein’s of the world they are doing their own human trafficking and when they no longer need us we will suffer the same fate in mass, it is happening.
    My only question is with the police and military now showing they are no longer our countries people do we have enough people with a deadly way to take them out or is it already too late and we are just waiting for them to decide who all they take out and where to put the mass graves. Sorry for my hard words, we seem to have just lost Canada to them and I am a fighting angry old disabled woman and hate being helpless. If I could just load up my wheel chair, I would gladly be a suicidal mother being pushed into somewhere the destruction would help the freedom people in our nations well what was a nation now.
    How terrifying we must get organized, now we know the police are for them and against us I hope the American Freedom Hero Truckers go well armed and very well protected against our enemy puppets globalist placed governments.
    Epstein was just one of them hurting others to black mail the greedy globalists, and we know there has been very little law and order left just “their” own social justice and they are above any laws.

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